Song I’ll Get Even – Megadeth

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Washed up, left for dead
I’m lost inside the desert
Of every word you said

Like a nuclear reactor
I’m thinking about the times
When you lied to me

All the innuendo
Caught up on your hook
I was just a name
In your little black book
In you little black book

Ah, I’ll get even with you

I’m bitter and I’m twisted
I haven’t slept in days
I’m lonely and I’m angry
I can’t make it go away

I’m like a bomb that’s ticking
I got voices in my head
I got a doll with needles in
Wishing you were dead

I’ll get you back somehow
That’s what I’m gonna do
I’ll get you back somehow
Your nightmare coming true

Ah, I’ll get even with you
Ah, that’s what I’m gonna do
Gonna get even with you

You better look behind you
‘Cause there I’m gonna be
I’ll be standing in the shadows
With who I used to be

He’s slightly schizophrenic

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