The Univited Guest – Merciful Fate

SOLO: Shermann There’s a little old man…standing by my window There’s a little old man…hiding in the shadows The univited guest, could never have been a friend The univited

The Old Oak – Merciful Fate

Do you remember the bridge? The bridge that was standing in ruin Do you remember the sign? Demons and witches were doing They say it’s a bad place They

Since Forever – Merciful Fate

On this cold and windy Sunday I’m sitting here alone…It’s Autumn I’m looking at a yellow picture You have been gone forever Oh it’s so very hard, growing old

Desecration Of Souls – Merciful Fate

Stay away white magician Young lovers and mourning wife You’re not welcome on our land So I speak for the dead SOLO: M. DENNER Magic circles drawn after midnight

Doomed By The Living Dead – Merciful Fate

And you’re waiting, doomed by the living dead Flames are rising, can’t you see you’re dying The wolves are howlin’, a baby’s cry in the distance Cold winds blowing

Mirror – Merciful Fate

Solo: S The girl in the mirror, she’s not really there Only I can see her, in all her misery Chorus: The girl in the mirror, she’s caught in

Come To The Sabbath – Merciful Fate

Come, come to the Sabbath Down by the ruined bridge Witches and demons are coming Just follow the magic call Come, come to the Sabbath Down by the ruined

The Night – Merciful Fate

Old Nick is by my side, I hear no evil As I walk into the night, I see no evil Old Nick is by my side, I feel no

At The Sound Of The Demon Bell – Merciful Fate

Halloween is the night The legend says the ghost will rise On Halloween they can’t redeem A restless soul from ancient scene At the sound of the demon bell

House On The Hill – Merciful Fate

Let’s go to where time stands still If you dare then come with me To the House on the Hill and you will see Nothing is what it seems

Egypt – Merciful Fate

Ahh… Egypt… Ahh Solo: Shermann O Thou of countless names Who are one and all things O Thou of countless names Without beginning, without end Ahh… Egypt… Ahh Osiris…

Buried Alive – Merciful Fate

The poison I slipped in your drink Never saw me, I am but a ghost Never saw your dangerous host Wake up… You’re still alive… Wake up and die

Shadows – Merciful Fate

When the darkness eats away the day And the moon bears witness to the graves In the shadows we are alive In the shadows, The Light Can you see

Curse Of The Pharaohs – Merciful Fate

Where the mummified Pharaohs Pretend dead in their sleep Don’t touch, never ever steal Unless you’re in for the kill Or you’ll be hit by the curse of the

Torture (1629) – Merciful Fate

Anna…was praying to a God She had betraved, so they said Some folk had seen her flying on a broom All Hallows Eve, under the moon The Inquisitor had

Mandrake – Merciful Fate

Poisonous Mandrake, you dangerous root One of the three fares, when a man’s time has come You look so human, so dufferent from any other plant You look so

Under The Spell – Merciful Fate

SOLO: Shermann There is something out there waiting for me With an evil glow There is something out there that will Never let me go Twisting, turning, I’m looking

The Bell Witch – Merciful Fate

Back in Tennessee, I saw a family haunted by an entity It was a tragedy in another century Oh… They never would know the Evil One that came Little

My Demon – Merciful Fate

This house is full of hate, this house is full of madness This house is deep insane, this house was never mine Chorus: Deep in the dark you will

Listen To The Bell – Merciful Fate

Up in the hills where the sun goes down There’s an old black church and a broken town The sun goes down The trees are dead and the river