My Apocalypse – Metallica

Crawl out of this skin Hard explosive Reaching for that pin Feel thy name extermination Desecrating, Hail of Fire So we cross that line Into the crypt Total eclipse

Dirty Window – Metallica

It looks different, so different than what you see Projecting judgment on the world This house is clean baby This house is clean Am I who I think I

The Unforgiven II – Metallica

Speak the words I wanna hear, to make my demons run The door is locked now, but it’s open if you’re true If you can understand the me, then

Battery – Metallica

Weak are ripped and torn away Hypnotizing power, crushing all that cower Battery is here to stay Smashing through the boundaries lunacy has found me cannot stop the Battery

…And Justice For All – Metallica

Money talking Power wolves beset your door Hear them stalking Soon you’ll please their appetite They devour Hammer of justice crushes you Overpower The ultimate in vanity Exploiting their

Harvester Of Sorrow – Metallica

Planting seeds of hate I’ve loved, Turned to hate Trapped far beyond my fate I give You take This life that I forsake Been cheated of my youth You

Wasting My Hate – Metallica

And I send a smile to you Don’t waste, waste your breath And I won’t waste my hate on you Ain’t gonna waste my hate Ain’t gonna waste my

All Within My Hands – Metallica

Squeeze it in, crush it down All with my hands Hold it dear, hold it suffocate All within my hands Love to death, smach you ’round & ’round and

Prince Charming – Metallica

And the poison ivy chokes the tree, again it’s me I’m the filthy one on Bourbon Street, you walk on by I’m the little boy that pushes hard and

Ride The Lightning – Metallica

But damn it, it ain’t right There is someone else controlling me Death in the air Strapped in the electric chair This can’t be happening to me Who made

Stone Dead Forever – Metallica

Get on! You think you see me In the glass You think you hear me Better listen fast I think I see you Gone to seed Think your reason

Until It Sleeps – Metallica

I run but it stays right by my side So tear me open, pour me out There’s things inside that scream and shout And the pain still hates me

Sabbra Cadabra – Metallica

Feel so good, I feel so fine Love that little lady always on my mind She gives me loving every night and day Never gonna leave her, never going

Purify – Metallica

Strip the layers off My turpentine Old pain, old looks Cover up the past White heat, white light Super white bones Bones of you and I Pure If I…

The Memory Remains – Metallica

Mirror vain Gone insane But the memory remains Heavy rings on fingers wave Another star denies the grave See the nowhere crowd, cry the nowhere tears of honour Like

Eye Of The Beholder – Metallica

Truth is an offence You silence for your confidence Do you hear what I hear? Doors are slamming shut Limit your imagination, Keep you where they must Do you

Carpe Diem Baby – Metallica

Split sky, part sea Strip smile, lose cool Bleed the day, break the rule Live to win, Dare to fail, Eat the dirt, Bite the nail. Then make me

Better Than You – Metallica

Hungry and thirsty I wait Holding the lion’s share Holding the key Holding me back ’cause I’m striving to be Better than you Better than you Better than you

Bleeding Me – Metallica

I’m diggin’ my way to something I’m diggin’ my way to somethin’ better I’m pushin’ my stay I’m pushin’ my stay to something I’m pushin’ my stay to something

The God That Failed – Metallica

Pride you feel Pride that you felt when you’d kneel Not the word Not the love Not what you thought from above It feeds It grows It clouds all