Performer MIND FUNK

Big House Burning – Mind Funk

high fall down, yeah you fall down motherfucker you’ve been takin’ down down on your back sold that razor jack see that river flow man you ain’t never coming

Billygoat – Mind Funk

Close my lid, it’s over. Lay awake, let him suffer. Here I am, stick it in, see what’s boiling under. All the bugs on my ceiling dead and crushed

Ride & Drive – Mind Funk

makes me want to feel it with passion i get on here comes full-on destruction to spit you out like no other spin the wheel for another bones aching

Sugar Ain’t So Sweet – Mind Funk

well, sugar ain’t so sweet with blood on your feet said welcome to the world around ya if you want out ya gotta get it done ain’t nobody here

Fire – Mind Funk

hit me like a rumblin’ train this crucifixion sets me free mind-addiction pulling me into a void so cold and real hammers like a ton of steel expansion lies

Blood Runs Red – Mind Funk

blood on the feather blood on my father and now it’s a comin’ down quick, look out saw my father indian dying down in garbage land now misery won’t

Mama, Moses And Me – Mind Funk

Pulling the trigger slow on my ignition tree. Losing my aim I stain, leaving life on my pillow. Watching the colors run all down my totem pole. Holding my