Brotherhood Of The Morning Star – Miscreant

Dried by winds. It waits for own the dark night Illuminate by Fullmoon. High mountains And dense forest Protect the valley Of infernal fear. There was occurring great mystery

Inside The Beyond – Miscreant

Is across the dead In new existence Of human soul lie behind Of black cerement of grave cold. Through dark tunnels Of the reason and the universe. Open the

Gloom Of The Grave – Miscreant

From graveyards allies, fan ice-cold. Remains of the dead putrify tn gloom of the graves. Different human fates have been buried there. Dark of digged grave Waits for her

Dark Spirits Of Evil – Miscreant

Without domination of spirit. Great spirits of the great world Of black enjoyment of destruction and death. Spirit dipped into abyss of a roughness Spiteful violence of triumph of

My Mystic Mind – Miscreant

Of the cold night, I’m feeling the flame Of my black soul. A Fullmoon excites me When the night begins. I rise through my flesh To own pain and

Smashed Dreams – Miscreant

Penetrate into every cell of the human brain. It creates bright and wonderful dreams Of the most mystic desire of a man. Open contemplation of mystic desire Recollection of

Birth… And Death – Miscreant

Grand enigma of essence of life. Sources of life beginning of way And aspiration to unknown. Cry of a born child, smiles of happiness And tears of a joy.

Veritable God – Miscreant

The last hope of cognition Of the verity In a light ray of consciousness Around deadly and cold dark. The verity is consist in puzzle Of magic sphere, Which