Definitive Inquisition – Monstrosity

A hybrid form (misprinted as “torm” in CD liner notes) of assembly in hidden circles of transgression A vision looms far ahead emanating (misprinted as “eminating” in CD liner

Burden Of Evil – Monstrosity

The light does not shine for me illumination of my darkest fear burning cries (misspelled as “crys” in CD liner notes) from beyond the shadows screaming whispers only I

Vicious Mental Thirst – Monstrosity

Deranged thoughts, a twisted mind I’ve imagined a vision of burning Christ Arranged, pre-ordained Wisdom of the insane Infliction inherent, Life deemed estranged Reality transparent, normalcy in vain Memory

Darkest Dream – Monstrosity

A civilization has now become The seeds are sewn to end mankind Desecration persists against the bringer of hope To shower evil in these innocent minds Relentless time Awake

Final Cremation – Monstrosity

A dark envision (duh, it’s a verb, not a noun!) surrounds the mind grasping for the souls of dead the undead come trudging up engulfing evil in your head

Ceremonial Void – Monstrosity

Dismal. Fears that I have known haunt me. Words cannot express my torture. I mourn reality Conceal, the scars of yesterday Defamed, pain seeping from my wounds Shatter, the

Immense Malignancy – Monstrosity

Decrepit, replete with misery the elders lie diseased and are dead or dying Dilapidated, we feel tortured You live the life of a corpse its the destiny of your

Horror Infinity – Monstrosity

Bloodspray, Slaughter a prophecy of traumatic despair Echoes of promise now parasite infested they feast upon your flesh Eternal horror Abysmal sights of the final seize oppressing (misspelled as

Imperial Doom – Monstrosity

A burning grave of undying pain habitual process of conquering doom This path of tortures is travelled slow Victims of chronic afflictions are ruined Living and dying is one