Song Say It With Love – Moody Blues

I’ve been thinking
The way people do
‘Bout the things that matter
To me and you
I’ve decided to do what I can
and to find the kind of man
I really am
I can see
The world from here
And it sometimes makes me
Want to disappear
Back to nature
And where we belong
And with just one truth I’ve found
You can’t go wrong

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
Whatever you say
Say, say, say
Say it with love.

I remember
A time long ago
When I heard those guitars
That I worship so
I was captured
I wanted to stay
And to hear that kind of music
Heard the songs
around the world
Saw the smiling faces
On the boys and girls
I was destined
To play come what may
And there’s just one thing

down the sloops of eath lirycs amon amarth
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