Song The River Of Endless Love – Moody Blues

I’m looking for a better world
Where there’s no more hurt
Where there’s only hope
For the eagle and the dove
I can see your face
Nothing can take your place
If we sil away on a river of endless love

I’m living in the hands of time
On the wings of love
On the edge of night
Where there’s darkness everywhere
I won’t be denied
I’m never going to leave your side
I will always be
On the river of endless love

In the silence just before the dawn
The shadows lost their form
We rise to greet the morning
In the calm that comes before the storm
A troubled and a restless heart is born
The river of endless love

I’m tearing down the walls of hate
Gonna start again gonna turn it around
Gonna build it with a prayer
I can always dream
And nothing is what it seems
If you lose your way

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