Blasphemy – Morbid Angel

I am the god of gods Master of the art I desecrate the chaste Writhe in the flesh Blasphemy Chant the blasphemy Mockery of the messiah We curse the

Summoning Redemption – Morbid Angel

I stand before thee, gods of all prestine Come forth to see, all things to be seen Now know the presence, and choose thy wrath For flock of tyrants,

Visions From The Dark Side – Morbid Angel

Dark eyes, shadows grim They come for me Midnight chimes, blackened earth The evils rise Pits of hate open wide Chasm of my dreams Last of chimes – minks

Lord Of All Fevers And Plague – Morbid Angel

Ninnghizhidda – open my eyes Ninnghizhidda – hear my cries Plumed serpent of the deep Plumed serpent of the gate I command – come before me I command –

Evil Spells – Morbid Angel

(Solo: Azagthoth) Caught within my evil spell Now it’s time to burn in hell You were fooled on return You’re just a doll for him to burn See the

Bleed For The Devil – Morbid Angel

Come to me, lord of filth Hear my cries princes of nightmares Touch us with your morbid lips Let us taste your foulness (Chorus:) Bleed for the devil Impious

Chambers Of Dis – Morbid Angel

Dispirited, they hear you not You give offering to metal and stone Dispirited, how can they respond? The faith disheveled Temples disdained You praise the mere shadows of gods

Opening Of The Gates – Morbid Angel

These chains that have choked existence, have fallen away this veil that has blinded eyes has been lifted and now it is gone and like the ways of the

Maze Of Torment – Morbid Angel

Life betrayal – a warping rage Evil ripping caverns through your mind Immolation – in blood you’ve signed your soul away Sickening life ends but the horror has just

I – Morbid Angel

K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 0 I (Lyrics – Tucker, Music – Azagthoth/Tucker) I am the void of

Dominate – Morbid Angel

Weak aside – no place for those our struggle Leaves behind Our Lord won’t tolerate those whom through Attrition fall We must dominate! With iron through our veins and

U-Mu La Mah-Ri – Morbid Angel

Leeches, they steal of our lives Why should we lower ourselves to the beasts Submissive they are to be made We need not to be held in their chains

Angel Of Disease – Morbid Angel

Chanting to the Ancient Ones, chants of broken lines Kneel before the alter, sacrifice is made It is pleasing to the ones most ancient of the days They call

Suffocation – Morbid Angel

Laugh at the tragedies Mock with disrespect Goats under rule of father time Leaches pass judgement on their fellow kind And die when their inner self goes astray Alas,

Immortal Rites – Morbid Angel

Gathered for a sacred rite Subconscious minds allied Call upon immortals Call upon the oldest one to intercede Rid us of our human waste Cleanse our earthly lives Make

To The Victor The Spoils – Morbid Angel

Decide, between the ways of the weak, the sheep, to live a lie or to come to life, in victory we stand, above the meek to raise the chalice

Nothing But Fear – Morbid Angel

Consequence…now the panic comes You’ve dabbled in magik your fingers are burned Lost as you run towards the light And deep in your heart you have nothing but fear

Abominations – Morbid Angel

(solo Brunelle) Churning sea of Absu Place of weeping death Tiamat, dark serpent Lord of the morbid priests Enraged with hate for god The priests of chaos chant From

Heaving Earth – Morbid Angel

Less the Sweet Waters of Habsu Chthhulhu Amah-Ushumgal-Anna Triumvirate of Most High Spirits of the Deep Waters, remember Humbaba, Lord of the Forest, remember From the Sweet Bitter all

Prayer Of Hatred – Morbid Angel

The Most Ancient Ones Blessed be the Ones Who where here before and after remain Blessed be the meekness of the flesh I watch as it withers and dies