Damnation – Morbid Angel

(Solo: Azagthoth) Evil Minds grievous sins Pagan lives have no place for law Twisted worship exhume the dead Minds unite for evil cause Death corrodes the book once strong

This Means War! – Morbid Angel

Savagery – as judgment days arrive Long we have waited for this time How many brothers fallen? How many kept alive as slaves for the wicked few? ‘Tis time

Bil Ur-Sag – Morbid Angel

You quake the earth Scorcher of skies Your Towers of Flames You’ve come to Cleanse the treacherous act You’ve come to Tame the rebeliousness Bil Ur-Sag Lul-Lu Nig-Hul Tur

Thy Kingdom Come – Morbid Angel

Restless minds beneath the ground Through ghostly winds I hear the sound Crying forth in ancient tongues Eternal quest of vengeance From tombs of scorn cadavers rise Angered fury

Secured Limitations – Morbid Angel

Secured limitations you created this thing you call sin A guide for the undisciplined sheep through the pain and denial the pleasure reaped a freedom contained within a shell

At One With Nothing – Morbid Angel

Omniscient are the eyes that see beyond what we choose to see transcending of beliefs, that limit man’s being the dogma that feeds the listless has thrived uncounted years

Dawn Of The Angry – Morbid Angel

Cold finger on the trigger Behind the line drawn in the sand Anger rise! We fight a war with much at stake The rights of birth that no one

Where The Slime Live – Morbid Angel

Where the slime live (They are the lowest forms of life) Where the slime breed (They make a new one too corrupted) When the wind blows (The winds of

Covenant Of Death – Morbid Angel

Of the Principal Force and Form The Lighting Flash They are They Breathe the Word and it becomes We make the Covenant To the Primal Source of which we’ve

The Ancient Ones – Morbid Angel

(solo Azagthoth)(solo Brunelle)(solo Azagthoth)(solo Brunelle) Locked deep beyond the gate Lost within the stars Realm of ancient ones Malignant ones Against the light Power of the blackened sky Hateful

Ageless, Still I Am – Morbid Angel

Breathless I stand free blind to fates which fall to men embracing the chilling winds, still I am the mist freeze falls from my breath steel gray skies encompass

Invocation Of The Continual One – Morbid Angel

Sacred night on the Eve of May We gather before the stars Taste the Hunger of the Fire Vastness of the Continuum Heretics of a way unseen Celebrate, the