Performer MORDRED

The Strain – Mordred

Inside he wants to survive Surgeons working hard to try to keep him alive He’s only fourteen years old Beside the bed a cop sighs Don’t think it’s fair

Falling Away – Mordred

And let my mind run free it used to be Easy to deal with the everyday shit Now it seems I’m all alone to deal with it Take me

Esse Quam Videri – Mordred

Looking up my eyes are burning At night alone I’m walking Black cat clever stalking In the grotto impatient waiting Before long I see your face and Whisper a

Larger Than Life – Mordred

maybe not what you forsee These cats don’t know what’s up Passively observing it all Put you up on a pedestal Try to make you larger than life But

Downtown – Mordred

Like never before Now that I’m folding my fingers Ready for war The painted face of disaster I search for more I light another cigarette Swallow the poison glossy

Window – Mordred

That what they sell is what you need Your decadence starts your decay Bullshit lies is what you’ve seen Censorship on the screen This is your window to the

Progress – Mordred

Blackness is blown From this great machine breathing smoke Hammering pistons Churning of gears Furnace of coals remain stoked Roar of a turbine Scream of a jet Man’s dream

In This Life – Mordred

Are there to fear them but The money bells are ringing For those who hear them and The seeds of your future Await for you to sow them and