Performer MORGOTH

Drowning Sun – Morgoth

Land creatures With , stumbeling around Sky With cold eyes, broken eyes, [it’s just not

Golden Age – Morgoth

What machinery can create to the rhythm Be a part of it Deny all this, you used to live for

Forgotten Days – Morgoth

Looks like we took the wrong way But don’t say anything, I know my friend it’s not our fault There’s little we can do about it What have we

The Art Of Sinking – Morgoth

peacefull, control, Is the power Now , You are life You, who is the

Graceland – Morgoth

The clock is on the run Still got the taste of microwave food in my mouth Kissing the sun Get out Ozone is waiting I inhale all the first

Cash… – Morgoth

I get things done Life’s not so bad in my cadillac I make things run I just keep going, running like the others do I make my way, oh

Lies Of Distrust – Morgoth

Problems which come depressive and slow Will they tell us the truth Masquerade of a security world A world that is abused Clearhead in a public domain A walk

This Fantastic Decade – Morgoth

The sun is shining now We have fun – and we dance And we can see our system grow No more tears, no life crisis Our spirit it rises

War Inside – Morgoth

You are the strain Just a word from me You aren’t worth to be by my own hand, no It’s how

Submission – Morgoth

As the eyes stare everywhere The flood of To clean the mind of everyone To clean it on my own As the eyes stare everywhere No

Watch The Fortune Wheel – Morgoth

It all happens again I’m prepared for some extremities Survival is the name of the game In days like these I could affort a new life But on the

Under The Surface – Morgoth

Deep under the surface of your educated minds There’s a beast Looks like race persistance Every day we see the regression All just so

Resistance – Morgoth

When In the mirror of eternity Different colors different And we’re never gonna find the answer in a normal

Souls On A Pleasuretrip – Morgoth

Each day a new chance to make the real things better Within the days our wealth grows, our journey becomes alive Celebrate the huge style, still reach out for

A New Start – Morgoth

I’m out of sight, but still… I’m near! Straight is the line, the path is clear There’s nothing wrong, no trace to fear Straight is the line, the path

Selected Killing – Morgoth

You have no choice between left or right ’cause your own birth was your fate Blocking your mind, the truth is so clear A life in hate you get