I Have Forgiven Jesus – Morrissey

I wouldn’t do you no harm I was a nice kid With a nice paper round Forgive me any pain I may have brung to you With God’s help

First Of The Gang To Die – Morrissey

And you have never been in love, Until you have seen the dawn rise, behind the home for the blind We are the pretty, petty thieves, And you’re standing

The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get – Morrissey

The closer I get You’re wasting your time The more you ignore me The closer I get You’re wasting your time I will be In the bar With my

I’m Ok By Myself – Morrissey

Well, surely the hand contains a knife It’s been so all of my life Why change now? – “It hasn’t!” Now this might surprise you, but I find I’m

Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed – Morrissey

Mama, who drove you to it? Was it the pigs in grey suits Persercuting you? Uncivil servants Unconcerned at how they frightened you Life is nothing much to lose

Something Is Squeezing My Skull – Morrissey

I can block out the present and the past now I know by now you think I should have Straightened myself out – Thank you, drop dead! Something is

That’s How People Grow Up – Morrissey

Trying to fall in love Disappointment came to me and Booted me and bruised and hurt me But that’s how people grow up That’s how people grow up I

You Have Killed Me – Morrissey

‘Accattone’ you’ll be I entered nothing and nothing entered me ‘Til you came with the key And you did your best but As I live and breathe You have

It’s Not Your Birthday Anymore – Morrissey

But the heart has a will of its own Your voice it might say “no” But the heart has a heart of its own It’s not your birthday anymore

Everyday Is Like Sunday – Morrissey

Back to the bench Where your clothes were stolen This is the coastal town That they forgot to close down Armageddon – come Armageddon! Come Armageddon! Come! Everyday is

Redondo Beach – Morrissey

Dreaming hotel We just had a quarrel I sent you away I was looking for you are you gone, gone Called you on the phone But there was no

The Youngest Was The Most Loved – Morrissey

The youngest was the shielded We kept him from the world’s glare And he turned into a killer Retroussé nose Turned up and mischievous Forget-me-not eyes that cried if

I Just Want To See The Boy Happy – Morrissey

As I kneel down at my bed Because soon I will be dead Let’s face it soon I will be dead And I just want to I want to

Black Cloud – Morrissey

Is standing near The one I love Is everywhere I can woo you I can amuse you But there is nothing I can do to make you mine Black

Suedehead – Morrissey

And why.. Why do you hang around? I’m so sorry I’m so… Why do you come here When you know it makes things hard for me? When you know..

The Last Of The Famous International Playboys – Morrissey

With all the new crimes That you are perfecting Oh I can’t help quoting you ‘Cause everything that you said Rings true And now in my cell Well, I

One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell – Morrissey

When you abuse the one you love The hour or the day, no one can tell But one day “goodbye” will be “farewell” And you will never see the

All You Need Is Me – Morrissey

and you constantly moan but you don’t ever go away. That’s because all you need is me. You roll your eyes up to the skies one more time but

Sorry Doesn’t Help – Morrissey

All wide-eyed simple smiles Certain to see you through Like a QC full of fake humility You say: “Oh, please forgive…” You say: “Oh, live and let live…” But

In The Future When All’s Well – Morrissey

The best of health In the future when all’s well I will lie down and be counted In the future when all’s well I thank you I thank you