Performer MORTAL

Alive And Awake – Mortal

Along the twists of our visceral mesh Against the powerflow of motionless flood It’s an experience of flesh and blood I face the wave of this gravity I face

Electrify – Mortal

Steal my Heart away But every day and every night I wrestle My Decay All things stark and bountiful Sunlight and the Rain But every hate and every love

Neplusultra – Mortal

Beyond The Mystic Haze Across The World So Wild In Bluish Fever I Wait For The Sky To Fall I Wait For The Haze To I Wait For The

Rift – Mortal

You say you’ll cover me You say you’ll fill my cup Before it empties You say you’re never far You say not far from me You say that where

Ex-Nihilo – Mortal

How thick the blood How dim the glass I look into and through How sweet the fall How swift the blow How slow the rush I catch perpetual limbo

Above And Beyond – Mortal

To Kill decisions from afar I looked for truth in desperate Skies A twilight screaming empty lies I asked for Life from mother earth But she refused to give