Misbegotten – Mourning Sign

Have I got friends Turn around and face me It’s only possible when untouched by me Crimson deathmask featureless – I can’t see it Floating before my unconsciousness –

Absorb My Eyes – Mourning Sign

Is it fake or reality I don’t mind this triviality Because it cures my sanity Closing eyes and drifts away No more cries no yesterday Shades of darkness showing

Repent – Mourning Sign

Spirit messenger I greet thee Strike thy sword extinguish fire Fortify my soul let pain reside within I control my demons I control your fear So you try to

A New Life – Mourning Sign

A little grunt of pain, I close my eyes, Is this agony or rapture Caress me embrace me, why don’t you love me when I’m so cold Chimera –

My Turn To Sleep – Mourning Sign

Here I am I’m wide awake Can’t fall asleep In pitch black darkness I see what’s real Slumbering and slivering I touch almost everything Despite my oldfashion ways I

Like Father Like Son – Mourning Sign

Beside me lies a part of me it all seems so unreal You’re fearless, mindless and you shall see Cameleont changing faces Respectless, tactless you loose your speech The

Subtle Climax – Mourning Sign

Bespeak me if you will What have I done, Why do you care Beseech I never will Lust overwhelm, The king of the castle is called Darkgreen veilwalls of

Seed Of Revival – Mourning Sign

Kiss me my little serpant, I descendent of Kain My viper your my servant, Your venom intoxicates me Let all the cowards go, Let heroes lead their way, Lets

Ashes Of My Relics – Mourning Sign

My pain won’t grow in this barren soil The bliss of integrity keeps the fragments alive Wrapped into velvet preserved from light I am me, this is not misery

Temptress – Mourning Sign

Not anyone can take me where you took me – You temptress You temptress I sense it and feared it But why me, but why me You look lovely

Neerg – Mourning Sign

See me – hear me – touch me – confirm me As I watched my image in the mirror I saw wrinkles around my eyes -“I have never see

Just Another Jesus – Mourning Sign

Just another warning Just another revelation Just another mindtrap Just another mourning Just another insane Just another retard Just another jester Just another jesus I wish the magic god

Redeem – Mourning Sign

My past lies between distant suns Rid of me out of reach for you The darkness is falling won’t ever clear Digging with your nails but you’re nowhere near

No Paradise – Mourning Sign

I felt the first pain searching in my vein Thriving for my brain goodbye all that’s sane Effluents in my mind livid thoughts are vanished My body dissolved into

The Piper – Mourning Sign

If I’ll prove you wrong will you bleed for me Lick me once more and I’ll bleed for you Bleeding eyes backfire Hypnotize – Will you surrender now Me,

Get Real – Mourning Sign

Get real – Time to come down Get real – I laugh in your face Get real – A new day will dawn Get real – Where’s your high

Seems Endless – Mourning Sign

I’ll lead you through the night Don’t be afraid my friend We’ve passed the hardest part – life Don’t look into the eyes of the unborn They’ll decieve you

Dreaming Blind – Mourning Sign

I would do same again Put yourself back in the same place Where you found my pain What a dirty night it has been – what a dirty life

Sleepless – Mourning Sign

Worthless Why am I here I fear, I fear Life itself, life itself Sleep, drown, sleep, wish By myself, by myself Sleep, dream, sleep, will Where did you go