An Elizabethan Devil Worshipper’s Prayer Book – Mystifier

writing in latin on fine paper and bound in leather my diabolic parchment with some cabalistic symbols, magic circles and sortileges my precious book which I use to do

Aleister Crowley And Ordo Templi Orientis – Mystifier

the personification of evil never again will appear a man like him he is proud of himself and his disciples contemplate him i’m the master therion. 666. the great

Give The Human Devil His Due – Mystifier

throw the first stone, before something hit you you well know that the best defence is the attack and shan’t rest until hear the enemy’s last breath peace just

The Realm Of Antichristus – Mystifier

the wild child will come to light the holy symbols tremble and the glitter of joy is sad the lord’s son of evil soon will be among us antichristus

Caerimonia Sanguilentu (Goetia) – Mystifier

he confessed to the king that he given himself over to a demon who enable him to perform prodigies he asked to the king: “am I forgaven?” the king

False Superstitions Made By Tellers Of Legends – Mystifier

the omen is approaching knock on wood, shut up your mouth a misfortune will happen don’t walking under a ladder, close your eyes the bad luck follows you avoid

Osculum Obscenum – Mystifier

among megalithic monuments a neophyte is initiated in pagan religion the ritual of initiation of the novice to become member of the satanic cult it will be made by

The Death Of An Immortal (According To The Astral Light) – Mystifier

one starts when the another ends one is limited and the another is unlimited you just know the second passing through the first now between the sword and the