Performer N W-A

Real Niggaz Don’t Die – N. W. A

I’m a muthafuking nigga wit an attitude(4x) (Dr Dre) I got a case of spitting in a muthafukers face So me and my ace we got a taste Of

100 Miles And Runnin’ – N. W. A

And why do we call ourself ‘Niggaz 4 Life’. ‘Cause if we die we still gon’ be some dead niggas. “;You don’t really think you’re gonna get away, do

Appetite 4 Destruction – N. W. A

I got a taste for waste and a taste and a blood Murder I heard her when she screamed the “;Drop!”; Cuz her son caught the slug. Relate this

Prelude – N. W. A

The motherfucking saga continues… All of you who don’t believe in the real gangsta shit, cause when it comes to the real niggaz, it makes the shit they’re much

Fat Girl – N. W. A

(repeat 2X) (It’s funky fresh Eazy E) new kid on tha block And already got a fat girl on my

Approach To Danger – N. W. A

What you want is an unexpected approach, that may delay a suspects awareness of your presence, until you have a chance to assist the situation you are confronted. Approach

Just Don’t Bite It – N. W. A

Bitch : You like that? Homeboy : Put ’em off Bitch : It’s good? Homeboy : Ouch, shit, godamn bitch you bit’ my damn, shit I said suck the

Straight Outta Compton – N. W. A

Straight outta Compton, crazy motherfucker named Ice Cube From the gang called Niggaz With Attitudes When I’m called off, I got a sawed off Squeeze the trigger, and bodies

Compton’s N The House – N. W. A

NWA’s in full effect Hey yo yella boy, kick me that funky-ass beat Yeah, who’s in de mothafuckin’ house? Compton’s in the mothafuckin’ house! Yeah, Compton’s definetly in the

If It Ain’t Ruff – N. W. A

Ren is the villain and you’re just an hostage so whenever I’m steppin cover your head like an ostrich Groupies been waitin for this, suckers been hatin for this

8 Ball – N. W. A

I don’t drink brass monkey, like to be funky Nickname Eazy-E your 8 ball junkie Bass drum kicking, to show my shit Rap a hole in my dick, boy,

I Ain’t Tha One – N. W. A

How short’s your hair right now? [Well you know I get it done

Something Like That – N. W. A

Yeah, Dre, let’s rip shit up Hey, yo Yella Boy, why don’t you kick me one of them funky beats? Yo, we got my homeboy Eazy

Real Niggaz – N. W. A

Yo, you should of covered your muthafucking head like an ostrich Deep in the dirt ’cause you’s a sucker And you ass up high so I can kick the

Fuck Tha Police – N. W. A

Judge Dre presiding in the case of NWA versus the police department. Prosecuting attourneys are MC Ren, Ice Cube, and Eazy muthafuckin E. Order, order, order. Ice Cube, take

Parental Discretion Iz Advised – N. W. A

(The D. O. C.) Hey yo, Dre, what’s going on, man, what’s going on hey what’cha all gonna do for this last record No, tell, what’cha all gonna do

Automobile – N. W. A

and grindin’ and shit, so we hop in the back seat, you know man, this bitch rubbin’ all over my dick and frontin’ like she’s gonna give me the

Alwayz Into Somethin – N. W. A

NWA’s back in this mothafuckin’ yo Takin’ out all you commercicalized ass niggaz And we’re on this lay back track And we’re doin’ this well kinda smooth So what’s

I’d Rather Fuck You – N. W. A

Aaaah, this is one of them songs you can kick back and smoke a joint to. And get real fucked up. I like to dedicate this one to all

Niggaz 4 Life – N. W. A

Well it’s because motherfuckers want to blast me And run me outa my neighborhood They label me as a dope dealer Yo! And say that I’m no good But