Purist-Realist – Napalm Death

Purist-realist manipulates Purist-realist segregates Purist-realist – on their own terms Purist-realist – you never learn Inner loathing – the mounting hate Hundred fights – a thousand regrets Sacrifice –

Thrown Down A Rope – Napalm Death

from the neck and upwards. Rope weaved by these hands, box of my toils. Coerced – dazed by a suckerpunch. Reeling – believing that these are the dues. Pitch

Ripe For The Breaking – Napalm Death

…you weren’t born with the world falling at your feet- The path is long and agonizing being dragged on your knees. …and the silver spoon in your mouth tastes

Birth In Regress – Napalm Death

Feast your eyes on It reflects on Can’t pertain to Can’t belong to Vicious cycle Faultless conflict Self-preserving Birth in regress In the midst of confusion The warm sound

Thanks For Nothing – Napalm Death

Serve my head on a plate Pulp my heart with ill will I did trust you, let to lust you, to be duped Thanks for fucking nothing ! Serve

None The Wiser? – Napalm Death

this subservience demeans a mental gait. It’ insensible, just be digestible and tether down that rage. No ignoramus (or) sufferer for art. big windows smudged so play a part!

Cause And Effect (Pt. Ii) – Napalm Death

A hierarchy through violence-street society. I voice my contempt. Convinced of my immunity. Yet on a smaller scale, In my conflicted world, My resistance is stretched. You sense and

Affixed By Disconcern – Napalm Death

to pursue a common goal. Affixed by disconcern. Offer us an explanation or give some form of confirmation. Affixed by disconcern. Disclose the right to share the truth. Denied

Constitutional Hell – Napalm Death

Everything fits nicely into place Higher powers take the lead Middleman sits pondering his worth One great scheme to stem (the) objective urge Decision-making And power playing One-upmanship Show

Mechanics Of Deceit – Napalm Death

Cloacks of sickness / keeping us sweet Delusional blackness / fictional madness Visionary blackness / traps are set Revolting mind doors conspiring our downfall Which came first? The lies

Uncertainty Blurs The Vision – Napalm Death

Where together we walk Unbound from an existence Of fear and pain The key to which Is self-contained External freedom Must evolve from liberation within To gain respect And

Unfit Earth * – Napalm Death

Looking from outside inwards A view to dumbfound the most outspoken minds Silent screams from an unfit Earth Battered and bruised with nowhere to hide Disasters man made and

Can’t Play Won’t Pay – Napalm Death

Ten years of all-sides sniping fairness under fire Ten long years Rubbished objectives Two-pronged shower of bite Dirt / is now scrubbed From our own doorstep But / around

Aryanisms – Napalm Death

A role model, an image that you feel Should guide the habits, to form a movement of self-infatuated fools. Keeping “Each to their own”, where social bonding is taboo

Repression Out Of Uniform – Napalm Death

Camera sensor eyes pierce. We excuse stone-set normality. yet send tremors through morality. Frozen optics, traction for outspoken heads. Fuck your badgeless, rankless dirge and bizarre take on community

Next On The List – Napalm Death

Next on the list? Such a smug parasite Smug in a comfort zone We stepped back and watched while you vidated our effects, our spirits, our souls Opportunist scum?

The Volume Of Neglect – Napalm Death

Speculate freely Begrudge me intensely Lacking a conscience Lacking intelligence Lesser than nothing Lower than everything As you drain our vitality to a mundane reality A form of therapy

Diatribes – Napalm Death

Bite the bit, scream till you’re blue the face. (x4) Nice pipe dreams or passive revolution? (x4) Foot soldiers With weapons of placarde and banners. How will they stop

Greed Killing – Napalm Death

The wrong time, the wrong place, Our smiling face of distruct. Buried, the seed deep in all our heads. Prepared ourselves for the fall. The greed killing! Instinct to

Dogma – Napalm Death

Innocence – a painful reminescene Of what was not And will never be. Meant not for me. An unjust war On the futile. Chorus: Bludgeoning my affection wide open