Distored Fanatic – Nasty Savage

The image has lack of proportion Changed from the true Seemingly frozen Deep inner well of inspiration Illusions of love Can’t you feel affection You’re breathing faster You lose

Stabbed In The Back – Nasty Savage

Living for the unknown Only searching for trouble Cheating and stealing from your best friend No more job, all you do is no good Running from the police For

Indulgence – Nasty Savage

Forbidded fruits are the sweetest Your true messiah Is frightened by shadows As he tries to unwind Whispering wins Irresistable illusions A coin in the well is a wish

Divination – Nasty Savage

Eight forces of change Hidden knowledge you gain Time present, time past Are both here in the future Problems of life Through divine chanels The meling of opposites The

Inferno – Nasty Savage

solo – Ben, Dave Poles lie twisted in the ruins of Warsaw’s shattered line The Wermacht’s strenth has left it’s mark with lightening speed and power The West responds