Locked In The Shadows – Natalie Brown

V1 I’m in your shadows constantly You never allow me to be free Can’t even express my own opinion ‘Cause I’m controlled by your dominion I am locked in

You Gotta Believe – Natalie Brown

V1 You’ve been thinking about your life And wondering what to do You have some big dreams inside But how do you see them through When you don’t know

More Today Than Yesterday – Natalie Brown

V1 I love it when you hold me When your loving arms enfold me IЎЇm so captured by your love ItЎЇs such a sweet gift from up above I

Run Away – Natalie Brown

V1 I’m gettin’ frustrated with the way you deal with things You always withdraw from me, refuse to communicate I don’t know how much more, more that I can

You Pierced My Soul – Natalie Brown

V1 Sometimes I feel like IЎЇm standing naked before you Even though IЎЇm fully clothed Do you know what it feels like To have someone staring inside you Someone

You Make Me Feel – Natalie Brown

Chorus: You make me feel The way that a woman should feel You give the kind of love that is real Yes, I sense it inside You make me

Wind At My Back – Natalie Brown

V1 All of my life I never believed in myself Or what I had to offer this world Trust me when I say it has been hard to make

You’re So Good To Me – Natalie Brown

V1 YouЎЇre the sunshine in my day So excited by your moves By your every way But I canЎЇt seem to find the perfect way To say I want

Love Has Finally Called My Name – Natalie Brown

Chorus: We are dancing outside And the rain is falling down And the downpour is twisting us around ‘Till we fall to the ground Baby in your arms I

Confused – Natalie Brown

V1 I feel a challenge in my soul today Questioning things I believed in so firmly yesterday How can I have faith in myself and what I feel to

In Your Arms Again – Natalie Brown

V1 I remember standing there Compelled by the grip of your stare Wanting you to hold me forever No words were said, instead It’s like we knew that you’d

Let The Candle Burn – Natalie Brown

V1 I can feel your tension baby Sense that you need some relief Let me ease your burden Come lie down on these sheets Let me take your clothes