Young and Carefree – Natasha Thomas

we don’t wanna hurry, no rugh noe, we’re alright me and my friends, got plantie of time before we have to make up our minds Chorus: Don’t know what

Young Heart – Natasha Thomas

she’s dynamite She’s all dressed up to go Putting on her make-up in the backseat of a taxi he said he would wait but she’s getting there late she

Rollercoaster Ride – Natasha Thomas

Sometimes I think our love is wrong Are we really meant to be Or should I break free I never quite know which way to turn So far there’s

It’s Over Now (feat. Sugar Daddy) – Natasha Thomas

This is the original Sugar Daddy lang side Natasha Yar yar Real thing thi thing thi thing thing tihng as we start to sing with a new brand something

Save Your Kisses For Me – Natasha Thomas

Save your kisses for me Show me how you miss me All so easily My lovin Save your kisses for me Cos I don’t want to be A summer

Hold Me Closer – Natasha Thomas

It is so crazy but it’s true I want you to be my site Uh I need you every day I need you more than words can say Can

Suddenlyu – Natasha Thomas

call me up on my cell phone I feel your vibrations come through the phone right into my heart If you wanna be my caller I’m pleased to be

Sunshine After Rain – Natasha Thomas

It was right from the start The only thing she gave you Was a broken heart And the emptiness you feel inside So come take my hand You know

I’m Just A Little Bit Shy – Natasha Thomas

I’m just a little bit shy Dam dam dubi do Tell me what can I do I’m just a little bit shy Dam dam dubi do I really don’t

More Than Friends – Natasha Thomas

When all I do is kiss you, I’m gonna Have to let you know the truth Cause it feels so right, when you’re there by my side Always smiling

More and More – Natasha Thomas

Lovin you more and more I can feel the glow of your kiss I don’t have the strength to resist more and more Baby just more into your trap

Loving You Is Not Easy – Natasha Thomas

Uh la la la la la (3x) loving you is not easy Easy Uh la la la la la (3x) loving you is not easy Easy I’ve been waiting