Song Never Too Late – Nate Dogg

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Homey it’s rainin
Ten below zero
Kinda cold outside (Kinda cold outside)
Yes it is cold (Kinda cold outside)
Tornado, hurricane, and high tide
(And a high tide, and a high high tide)
I tell you why homey
Had a homeboy, down with me
or so he said (Or so he said, that’s what he said)
Yes he did homey
But as it turned out
He wasn’t down with Nate Dogg (No, no)
He was down with bread (He was down with bread, all for himself)
You know what’s wrong
You, need to take your bad ass home
It’s never too late, to go back, to where you come from, oh homey
It’s never too late, to go back, to where you come from, mmm

Do you remember home? (Do you remember home?)
Has it been that long (Has it been that long?)
since you been gone? (Since you been gone)
Won’t you come back home
Seems like it was yesterday (Yesterday)
when you lost your way (When you lost your way)
And let your homies hang (Let your homies hang)
All the while you got paid
Do you respect family?
Do you know what that mean?
To give everythang and not expect to receive
I gave all I had (All I had)
It really makes me mad (Makes me mad)
to think I’ve been had (I’ve been had)
Let’s forget about the past
But you know what’s wrong

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