Song Talking That Shit – Nature

niggas who hate the cameras and loving the chips
caught in solitude old timers taught me how to move
fort apache Queensbridge corner athlete
at 6-1 170 plus
Hennyed up walk around like I could never be touched
the whole clique be heavily truck
peep the style though
tricking house notes and whips on these foul hoes
wild as Alpo crack crusade rap bu-ffets
a rare site like blacks in toupees
keep the Rollie shinin’ true players know the science
and those that’s behind me be the Giants
while y’all are Jets
last place niggas minor threats
stay on the move till it’s time to rest
aint it bugged?
so take it back to the time Rickle’s with Doug
I used to fiend to hear my shit in the club
torchin it for the less fortunate y’all need to watch me
bitches start to swarm like the paparazzi
pussy and money it made me cocky
celebrity getting no sleep
drinking heavily and live the life some will never see

I got a fist full of dollars (and you talking that shit)
rich rap scholar (and you talking that shit)
we plan to live forever (don’t be talking that shit)
you better get your shit together (stop talking that shit)
it’s the top of the division (still talking that shit)
knock’em out position (’cause we talking that shit)
anything can happen (so don’t be talking that shit)
now watch me go platinum (just for talking that shit)

1’s for the money 2’s for the weed spot
undercover cops follow me though they need not
it’s like I’m Rick James
caught in the mix rockin’ thick chains
from hood to hood aint shit changed
supplying hits
the type of cat hoes eye and dip
tricking the same loot that some’ll try and flip
why attempt to go against the livest clique?

the walls came tumbling down tom petty
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