Uptown Anthem – Naughty By Nature

Hey, you could smoke a spliff with a cliff But there’s still no mountain hiiiigh enough, or wide enough to touch The naughty nappy nasty nigga the nasty trashy

Feel Me Flow – Naughty By Nature

lyrically splittin dismissin I’m on a mission of just hitting now it’s written and kitten hittin wit mittens I’m missing wishing man listen I glisten like sun and water

Jamboree – Naughty By Nature

I wanna see y’all who wanna plan with me Wave your hands across the land if we family Say hot-damn hot-damn we wanna jamboree This is for my peeps

Chain Remains – Naughty By Nature

the real reason you wear this cahin around your neck, aight! (Yo, yo this Puff Daddy Number 1-6-double0-3-0-5-0 representin Davenport the experimental prison, y’knowhutI’msayin? Representin Double I for life

It’s Workin’ – Naughty By Nature

It’s workin’, It’s workin’ Party people if you’re ready to rock let me hear you scream! I play for keeps, sidewalks and streets, we reign and we pop, and

Craziest – Naughty By Nature

My thoughts are thundering, tumblin Sons of bitches, switches, from yelling ta mumbling You ain’t a pal of me, my family ties but not wit Mallory My analogy ain’t

Everyday All Day – Naughty By Nature

This is somethin that I call the flow Not many if any, ‘cept for Vinnie, can say they know In fact, detracting that is something that I rarely show

Rhyme’ll Shine On – Naughty By Nature

I’ma shine on, time to climb on Stun me with R&B harmony So far, first to the O-R Hand the bill until paid is a coastguard The sonar, sounds

Klickow Klickow – Naughty By Nature

118, Cruddy Click, Naughty By Nature, the Rottin’ Razkals, the Road Dawgs 1-2-3 I’m up to bat so pitch me an MC so I can get ill And knock

Sunshine – Naughty By Nature

Intro/Chorus: Honey, um, yes, um take me to the crib and get naughty, um *repeat* Verse 1: Treach Are those bullets in ya bra or are your nipples glad

City Of Ci-Lo – Naughty By Nature

Do you wanna play? Now if you, base out and ace out Ace is an ass out Also an ass whip You catch quick those who catch it most

Respect Due – Naughty By Nature

We’re on wax and it concerns ya that’s make us eternal like a picture Ya bitch ya, I’ll fix ya, raise a rapture ripped ya scripture I’ll mac a

Thugs & Hustlers – Naughty By Nature

Aw shit! Here we go! Aw there go my niggas over there! Yeah there go my thugs over there! There go them bitches over there! Look out for shots

Thankx For Sleepwalking – Naughty By Nature

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah Naughty By Nature in the house, stompin, word em up (You got Mack Daddy right here in the middle Got the baby faced, one little G in

Would’ve Done The Same For Me – Naughty By Nature

And many people really ain’t worth the mentionin Thugs, me hugs, and plus a little gentle friend Or the mentals if I wile I get antetion then Do my

Strike A Nerve – Naughty By Nature

(Strike a nerve) Yo bitch, it was some bitch in a seminar talkin bout you had to get up early to wax this (Strike a nerve) Them other motherfuckers

World Goes Round – Naughty By Nature

Check it out. I heard this track right here and I kind of felt a lil’ somethin’. You know. It took my mind some place it ain’t been. Search

Radio – Naughty By Nature

{ladi-dadi-da, ladi-dadi-da, ladi-dadi-da, ladi-dadi-da} {ladi-dadi-da, ladi-dadi-da, ladi-dadi-da, ladi-dadi-da} Turn up your motherfuckin RADIO (Turn it up!) Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! {ladi-dadi-da, ladi-dadi-da, ladi-dadi-da, ladi-dadi-da} Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Verse

Wickedest Man Alive – Naughty By Nature

Mercifully, mercifully, mercifully massacre, Naughty By Nature Thru it ever time, comin at a dance My man Treacherous MC, go on, let the saxophone man play a little Make

Guard Your Grill – Naughty By Nature

*phone dialling* (Hello?) Hello, it’s ’91. Buckle up, guard your grill! Hee hee (Har what the fuck?) Has this ever happened to you? Can you name this tune? These