Performer NAZZ

Meridian Leeward – Nazz

‘Til they shortened up my nose and they made me wear a wig I’m afraid the things on piggy farm will never be the same Since they picked me

Hang On Paul – Nazz

There’s something on your face that even you can’t see It isn’t your eyes and it isn’t your nose You don’t have to sniff to tell you that it

You Are My Window – Nazz

You cast my shadow All in the light is you All I ever saw in the love light was you All I knew You are my marrow You cast

Only One Winner – Nazz

There is only one prize Whoever gets your heart is the winner There is only one winner I’m at war with a man that I still haven’t seen It’s

Old Time Lovemaking – Nazz

Two is the price to make the style of the day Six days awaiting, now it’s together All that’s forgotten can be picked up along the way I’m of

Rain Rider – Nazz

I was born Apollo with the reins and the whip in my hand Where I take the ladies is something you’ve never seen But nothing stops a man who

How Can That Be Beautiful? – Nazz

But have you heard about that so-called beautiful guy I was begging for some money at the usual time The only thing he gave me was a lousy dime