Performer NEAL MCCOY

Lipstick On The Radio – Neal McCoy

That song came out back in ’62 Way way before there was you and me The guy who sang it wore a sharkskin suit Had Elvis like hair and

They’re Playin’ Our Song – Neal McCoy

Somebody’s at the front door I can hear ’em knockin’ Your mama’s on the phone and she feels like talkin’ There’s chicken on the barbecue, barbecuein’ Don’t worry about

I Was – Neal McCoy

I drove up form rivertown it was late September early October Thought maybe I could clear my mind and see the leaves turn red The tune’s up and the

For A Change – Neal McCoy

It seems like all my life I’ve never been satisfied Ain’t nothin’ I ain’t tried Takin’ every kind of line Tryin’ to find my home on the range Been

Wink – Neal McCoy

I woke up this morning my head felt dense I splashed it with water trying to make it make sense I stumbled to the kitchen she was standing at

Only You – Neal McCoy

The rush I feel right now Lyin’ here this close to you Is pure as a child’s First time he sees the ocean blue Greatest discovery In a world

If I Was A Drinkin’ Man – Neal McCoy

If I was a drinkin’ man like I used to be I’d get myself a bottle and you’d be history You made me a thinkin’ man when you walked

The Girls Of Summer – Neal McCoy

For three long months it’s been cold and gray Too much work and not enough play But that old groundhog didn’t see it’s shadow today It won’t be long

The City Put The Country Back In Me – Neal McCoy

I was born dirt poor on a dead end country road My every dream was to just grow up and go Like a siren song those bright lights called

Life Of The Party – Neal McCoy

Every night I’m the life of the party I turn on with the neon lights And friends say I’m the object of envy The call me Mr. Right Oh

You Gotta Love That – Neal McCoy

Fresh off the farm just out of school Face of an angel and nobody’s fool Turquoise boots Atlanta Braves hat Denim and lace and you gotta love that She

The Strongest Man In The World – Neal McCoy

What started out as small talk On a bus stop bench before work Turned into the greatest love story I’ve ever heard She said de’s not the kind to

Ain’t Nothin’ Like It – Neal McCoy

Good morning honey how’d you sleep You know I slept like a baby with you next to me I got time for coffee then I better go clock in

That’s Not Her – Neal McCoy

Friend I can’t believe you called me over here tonight Thinkin’ I might recognize that girl out on the floor I must admit she looks just like someone I

No Doubt About It – Neal McCoy

Just like every lock’s got to have a key Every river flows looking for the sea And when you plant a seed, it reaches for the sky That’s just

Straighten Up And Fly Right – Neal McCoy

A buzzard took the monkey for a ride in the air The monkey thought that everything was on the square The buzzard tried to throw the monkey off his

The Shake – Neal McCoy

Some men are attracted to a pair of big blue eyes It takes a pretty face to make their temperature rise Looks aren’t that important Just icing on the

Completely – Neal McCoy

Before you I was totally lost and so Hopelessly sure I’d end up by myself I was so unaware there was someone Out there for me who’d look at

New Old Songs – Neal McCoy

Hey mister DJ I’m calling you Now can you play me some real cool tunes Something that sounds like a long time ago The kind of music that thrills