Performer NECRO

Your Fuckin’ Head Split – Necro

Yeah uh Yo this the shit right here Yo this make me wanna kill somebody Turn this shit up real fucking loud Drinking the bile out ya pancreas

You’re Dead – Necro

Ahhhhhh, necro! Yo, the most morbid overdose off it Like cindy crawford’s baby comatose in the coffin I’m awful, often unlawful Crack you with a softball in your skull

Hoe Blow – Necro

The sex-pert.. check it I’m pulling off your blouse Start tongue kissin you and then I cough in your mouth Walk in your house and slaughtered the mound

WNYU Freestyle – Necro

Shout out to all you dirt bags, NYU dirt bags, that’s right scum suckers. Guess who’s in the house? I came here to lace you, you pigs, you get

I Need Drugs – Necro

When I come home from work I’m fiendin’ for an eight-ball I got crack on my mind I’m hearing cocaine call Telling me to beep the dealer to deliver

Fuck You To The Track – Necro

And from the womb to the tomb Spray some perfume on your cocoon Do shit, I’m on some?? shit Lay on the table nude, as I rub lube into

Wnyu 89.1 Freestyle 5/10/2000 – Necro

Yo, it’s Scrooge… Scrooge Scrooge is up in here…ho ho ho!!! I wish you a merry crucifixion, I wish you would get a new religion I wish you

Underground – Necro

I keep straining my ears to hear a sound Maybe someone is digging underground Or have they… Yo man Mother Fuckers are clowns man; Hip-hop’s too nice It’s too

Sick Of You – Necro

All you bitch ass niggas Shady mothafuckers I’m sick of you *scratching* I’m sick of you *scratching* I’m sick of you I need robitusin, don’t make

S. T. D. – Necro

When I saw her, she was beautiful Like a flower in the summer, what a bummer I wish I could talk to her, I got my nerve up And

The Most Sadistic – Necro

for all you slime buckets, all over the land, peep it} Yo, I’m dancin on your grave like Borishnikov, I’ll rip you off, leave you in the desert

Get On Your Knees – Necro

(repeat 5X) Motherfucker you know the deal, I’ma rap on this porn shit So yo! Suck it I lounge gettin blown by PJ sparks at key west I

Rugged Shit – Necro

*Fucker* I hate all of you Thats right Motherfuckers Digest this shit Fucking sluts Check it check it – *here, here we go* Yo, the worlds a coffin often