Into Armageddon – Necrophobic

I strike upon the earth with pain and misery I will forever be I’ve opened up the gates to twist your feeble minds I’m the cleanser of mankind You

He Who Rideth In Rage – Necrophobic

Beyond the monoliths Within the hearts of the children of Hel Lie the seven gates, the nine worlds I am thousands; I have seen them all I read the

The Third Of Arrivals – Necrophobic

666 – we vomit on the crucifix Hell – as we come forth you’ll hear demonic cries Fire – from the flames we rise to walk the earth War

Spawned By Evil – Necrophobic

A grayish mist hits the ground As moroii leave their graves They suck the blood of all thy race Communing with the ghosts of the ancient dead Summoning the

Awakening… – Necrophobic

My prayers have been answered I’m no longer a victim of God I died for the right master The one that I will serve They’ll believe my soul is

Before The Dawn – Necrophobic

At dawn the prophecies were told Demonic spells surrounded the moon Infernal flames enlightened the altar Where the lord awaited the human sacrifice Before the dawn of time The

Demonic – Necrophobic

A fading scent of grey Keeps me from falling blind Fear guides my way Leaving the gate behind Darkness expands as it opens the eye And I fall into

The Throne Of Souls Possessed – Necrophobic

Summoning the darkness Enrich us thy inner secrets Share your ancient wisdom Arise from the hidden past Guide the path through storms of fire Where angels lie devoured In

Sacrificial Rites – Necrophobic

Enforced by priests of lies The injure time of an evil seed The altar of damnation Surrounds the victim for the daemon feed Gathering for the ritual Awaiting for

Enter The Eternal Fire – Necrophobic

Leave the world of mortals to walk into the mist to stalk unto the other side Plains of otherness The utter emptiness Where time have ceased and dark and

The Ancients Gate – Necrophobic

“Let them curse it, that curse the day who are skilful to rouse Leviathan” Cursed one, son of darkness Hear the call beyond the gate Open the book of

The Unhallowed – Necrophobic

Awakened by the call To haunt and deprive I’ve drained myself of life I’ve become what you fear I am the demon That serves the savage I’ll come for

Father Of Creation – Necrophobic

Engraved on the altar The name was written in blood The sign of Lucifer’s child Creation of the unborn son With inhuman force of evil The bastard child was

Unholy Prophecies – Necrophobic

Worshipping laws of christianity Depending on the book of lies Read in the book of prophecies And speak the words of blasphemy Selling your soul for abandonment of God

Eye Of The Storm – Necrophobic

I am the warrior I am bred of sin I am the wolf within I am the blizzard son My enemies I tear I am their utter fear I

The Nocturnal Silence – Necrophobic

Gaze at the twilight in the bloodred sky The evil gods are rising Shadows revealed by the darkened moon Behold the diabolical sign Nocturnal souls gathered through time Preparing

Nailing The Holy One – Necrophobic

I am the evil one The crucifier of the holy lord The impaler of god and his feeble son In heven now the holy blood shall flow Holy father

Isaz – Necrophobic

Angerboda spake: Iceold, wisecold Like your hearts was the realm before time Tha var hann medh hrimthursum The one who betrayed, the one that we hate He tried to