Song He Who Rideth In Rage – Necrophobic

Beyond the monoliths
Within the hearts of the children of Hel
Lie the seven gates, the nine worlds
I am thousands; I have seen them all
I read the petroglyphs
And the dead, they speak to me
Necrograms inebriate
Spheres coalesce

I drink with Ishkur,
Tiwaz, Nerigal, Gibil and Bieggolmai
I break the yoke of time
And dwell in blackened stars
I ride the past
On shadows of the future
I have tasted Kvaser’s blood
Ye know not the paths I tread

Ek Erilaz, Noaidi
Speak to the spawn of Iron wood
And the sons of Chaos
I am

I soar through Abzu,
ElivŠµgor, Phlegeton,
Tagirion, Kurnugia,

Gap var ginnunga

out from under britney spears
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