Performer NEIL YOUNG

Cowgirl In The Sand – Neil Young

Is this place at your command Can I stay here for a while Can I see your sweet sweet smile Old enough now to change your name When so

Old Man – Neil Young

I’m a lot like you were. Old man look at my life, I’m a lot like you were. Old man look at my life, Twenty four and there’s so

Ten Men Workin’ – Neil Young

We got a job to do We gotta keep you rockin’ To keep your soul from the blue. Well, we work all day Then we work all night We

Pardon My Heart – Neil Young

When all eyes are turned in And a love isn’t flowing The way it could have been. You brought it all on Oh, but it feels so wrong You

Opera Star – Neil Young

slammed the door shut In your face tonight, but that’s all right Then she took off to the opera With some highbrow from the city lights Well, you grew

Song X – Neil Young

We’re on the road to never Where life’s a joy for girls and boys And only will get better Hey ho away we go We’re on the road to

Like An Inca – Neil Young

to the preying mantis We’re gonna lose this place just like we lost Atlantis Brother we got to go sooner than you know The Gypsy told my fortune, she

Revolution Blues – Neil Young

at the edge of town You never see us ’cause we don’t come around. We got twenty five rifles just to keep the population down. But we need you

Bad News Beat – Neil Young

I lost my baby to another man I got a bulletin of news Late breaking story that I don’t understand Should I call her up late Should I ask

Weight Of The World – Neil Young

the weight of the world On my back I never trusted my friends or my girl Can you imagine that I used to shuffle my feet When I walked

Wonderin’ – Neil Young

My footsteps made me crazy Baby, you’ve been gone so long I’m wonderin’ if you’ll come home I’m hopin’ that you’ll be my baby I’m wonderin’ if I’ll be

Little Thing Called Love – Neil Young

walkin’ down the street Hangin’ head and a-shufflin’ feet Don’t take much to see What they’ve been thinkin’ of. What makes you hypnotized? What puts a tear in your

Hippie Dream – Neil Young

Don’t listen to me It ain’t paradise But it used to be There was a time When the river was wide And the water came running down To the

Roll Another Number – Neil Young

to put the keys in my ignition, And the mornin’ sun is yet to climb my hood ornament. But before too long I might see those flashing red lights

From Hank To Hendrix – Neil Young

I walked these streets with you Here I am with this old guitar Doin’ what I do. I always expected That you should see me through I never believed

Union Man – Neil Young

I make those meetings when I can, yeah I pay my dues ahead of time When the benefits come I’m last in line, yeah. I’m proud to be a

Will To Love – Neil Young

To live with one who wasn’t there Like an ocean fish who swam upstream Through nets, by hooks, and hungry bears. When the water grew less deep My fins

Touch The Night – Neil Young

the traffic slowed down to a crawl Strobe lights flashin’ on the overpass The tangled steel could not reveal what no one saw Or how he walked away without

Pressure – Neil Young

happened yesterday I felt the pressure in a brand new way It kept hitting me from all directions I got this feeling I was cracking up My knees were

Thrasher – Neil Young

They were planting in the full moon They had given all they had for something new But the light of day was on them, They could see the thrashers