Performer NEUTRAL

Sweet Dream… Dead Dreamer… – Neutral

They melt in innocence within my silver skies One color’s love… but pain and death – the others Like thorns they grow in self-made paradise I feel the sun

The Grief Mistress – Neutral

In the gray tunnels of ages Like hounded dream I’m crawling Through the rusted grills and cages The Gates with statues weeping With faces blackened wild I’m passing slowly

Song Of Shadow And Its Dream – Neutral

Weightless like a breeze I will see you soon Lonely slave of death, tired exhausted grin Shadow is myself and emptiness – my Queen So can you see again

Red-Yellow Autumn Funeral – Neutral

In loneliness and misery I’m here to feel the final breath Of autumn symphony of death The quiet wind voice sadly calling Dead leaves like dead lives slowly falling

Diamonds In Your Hand – Neutral

In this temple devastated Weaving destiny, Image easily created On the icon cold In the freezing breath of fear Everything foretold Seems to be so deadly near Is it

The Legend – Neutral

I am the first. I am the last Who’s laying on the bones of those Who’ve found their rest in ancient dust They brought themselves into this land Forgotten