Performer NEW ORDER

Dream Attack – New Order

Can touch the music that I heard, When I woke up this morning. It put the Sun into my life, It cut my heartbeat with a knife, It was

Shellshock – New Order

Hold on! It’s never enough It’s never enough until your heart stops beating The deeper you get, the sweeter the pain Don’t give up the game until your heart

True Faith (The Morning Sun) – New Order

Something’s got a hold on me I get this feeling I’m in motion A sudden sense of liberty I don’t care ’cause I’m not there And I don’t care

Broken Promises – New Order

And I don’t know why people die Every time you see me you shout at me `Cause of all the things in the world that I can’t see But

Love Less – New Order

When all I knew was what I saw. The keeper of a major key, I lived in a town called Liberty. I worked hard, to give you all the

Sooner Than You Think – New Order

I’ve come so far to see you all I can see your deep blue eyes They sleep beneath the open sky Before you stands one like your brother Swear

This Time Of Night – New Order

All pleasure and nothing to gain I’ve known you from the start I’ve grown used to your wooden heart Now you know my name You search your empty brain

Perfect Kiss – New Order

Thinking hard about the weather Then came by a friend of mine Suggested we go out together Then I knew it from the start: This friend of mine would

Mr Disco – New Order

You don’t know just what I’ve been through. The holiday we spent together, Lives with me now and forever. I tried but I can’t find you. Tell me now

Paradise – New Order

If you let me down, I will live in you forever I want you, I want you, I need you, I need you If we could find a home,

As It Is When It Was – New Order

I’ve been this way for so long now You weren’t exactly falling over yourself When last I saw you Well I always thought We’d get along like a house

Doubts Even Here – New Order

When eyes just turn and stare The day begins, collapsing without warning You fade from sight, there’s nothing there All talk allowed, calls are answered daily The questions are

Weirdo – New Order

Someone I knew and he was lost I don’t care what we have done, You never will believe it It’s is a life that’s made for me Where I

Bizarre Love Triangle – New Order

I feel shot right through with a bolt of blue It’s no problem of mine but it’s a problem I find Living a life that I can’t leave behind

All The Way – New Order

Or lecture me with poetry, and tell me that I can. I don’t remember what happened yesterday, I don’t give a damn about what all those people say. It

Way Of Life – New Order

How you once lived with someone else The way of life that you had tried The way they hurt you deep inside That’s the only thing about it I

State Of The Nation – New Order

You don’t have to be someone I went on a summer cruise Upon an ocean born to lose My brother said that he was dead I saw his face

Love Vigilantes – New Order

>From a war that must be won in the name of truth With our soldiers so brave, your freedom we will save With our rifles and grenades and some

Denial – New Order

In a light that is grey like the stain on my windows All of this is a gift, such a painful companion Inside of me It’s just something I

Subculture – New Order

When it gets late at night I move `round in the dark And leave when it gets light I sit around by day Tied up in chains so tight