These Are The Fables – New Pornographers, The

In submarine chambers One day It swam for the light The jewels that lit The cities that float there Cities in circles drawn perfect, complete Holding the secrets on

The Bleeding Heart Show – New Pornographers, The

Where I had hidden myself somewhere in your charm Our golden handshake has been smashed into this shape. It’s taken magic to a primitive new place Watch ’em run,

Star Bodies – New Pornographers, The

under siege under oath anna lee won’t you come strap yourself to my side with our grill in disguise we’ve got more lives than I ever dreamed you could

The Jessica Numbers – New Pornographers, The

paper and fist jessica numbers tell me if we’re clear write me a storm just tape the letter to the door this thing is your mission the lone wish

Miss Teen Wordpower – New Pornographers, The

They breathe the air we fought to leave behind This kind of blank adventure happens all the time, because nobody knows the wreck of the soul the way you

Its Only Divine Right – New Pornographers, The

Come true for the new martyrs, with your hair parted like the Red Sea You’re addressing the world from your bed, all alone in the crowd like you said

The Laws Have Changed – New Pornographers, The

Introducing for the first time, Pharaoh on the microphone Sing all hail, what’ll be revealed today when we peer into the great unknown, from the line to the throne?

Broken Beads – New Pornographers, The

without with the whores and their buggies I suppose their father knows best where the wind goes you could always see into the dark for miles around my job

Ballad Of A Comeback Kid – New Pornographers, The

High five, look up, look alive, as the scions of history guess another mystery wrong Recite your lines, and I’ll quote scriptures Everything was fine until membership lost its

The Electric Version – New Pornographers, The

Still to come, the sound of tires is the sound of God, the electric version The power and blood will pulse through your song, just as long as it

Stacked Crooked – New Pornographers, The

Trusted it all along But now I’m on my way We left the house, Your fingers in my mouth Stacked crooked all along But now I’m on my way

Jackie, Dressed In Cobras – New Pornographers, The

jackie flirts with cobras at the door, dont live your life inside a mirror, filled with glances, New York City, find your chances, yes you’ve had ’em, yes you’ve

Loose Translation – New Pornographers, The

What price damnation now? In the school of thought, in the halls of state, with a leap of faith, the loose translation must have lost her It must have

Mass Romantic – New Pornographers, The

his books on tape ring true, like everyone wants to say “I love you” to someone on the radio (radio). The first voice in the hollowed stars, now the

Letter From An Occupant – New Pornographers, The

are just a bill from the restaurant You told me I could order the moon, babe, Just as long as I shoot what I want What the last ten

The End Of Medicine – New Pornographers, The

Over forty million served and that’s a record for the master, it stood forever after So are we, are we, are we, are we facing the end of all,

Use It – New Pornographers, The

and two chicks in the parking lot crack wise on the price of fame they stood to gain the phonebook’s been ripped off and two shapes in the dark

All For Swinging You Around – New Pornographers, The

It’s another perfect day until the night shows Exploding international, the wind did howl The sky above was thick with rings of smoke and clouds, and hanging on the

Twin Cinema – New Pornographers, The

still projecting undestructing a voice from the back of your double feature soft and harder wait in silence while planning your attack shining through the hollow today thinking maybe

Sing Me Spanish Techno – New Pornographers, The

after picking the glass off the ground Don’t you know after shaking the thing for a sound Do we see what the clock makes you do But I won’t