Performer NICK DRAKE

River Man – Nick Drake

Said she had a word to say About things today And fallen leaves. Said she hadn’t heard the news Hadn’t had the time to choose A way to lose

Tomorrow Is Such A Long Time – Nick Drake

If tonight were not a crooked trail If tomorrow weren’t such a long time Then lonesome would mean nothing to me at all And only if my own true

Bird Flew By – Nick Drake

And wondered, wondered why She was white And ought to stay up in the sky From the air she could wonder For the reason What’s the point of a

Things Behind The Sun – Nick Drake

They’ll only smile to see you while Your time away And once you’ve seen what they have been To win the earth just won’t seem worth Your night or

One Of These Things First – Nick Drake

A real live lover, could have been a book. I could have been a signpost, could have been a clock As simple as a kettle, steady as a rock.

Been Smoking Too Long – Nick Drake

Look at my clock It’s way past noon time Now I’m late for work. Tell me, tell me What have I done wrong? Ain’t nothing go right with me

Blues Run The Game – Nick Drake

Maybe to spain Wherever I have gone Wherever I’ve been and gone Wherever I have gone, the blues I’d to sing Go bring me whiskey, baby Go bring me

Poor Boy – Nick Drake

I never help my neighbour Never do what is proper For my share of labour. I’m a poor boy And I’m a rover Count your coins and Throw them

Parasite – Nick Drake

Feeling down like him Seeing the light in a station bar And travelling far in sin Sailing downstairs to the northern line Watching the shine of the shoes And

Here Come The Blues – Nick Drake

You know ’em Tuesday’s rain Well, the days go by me Like a southbound train Yes, It’s funny thinking You will never call my name Here comes long lonely

Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright – Nick Drake

It don’t matter anyhow And it ain’t no use to sit and wonder why, babe If you don’t know by now When the rooster crows at the break of

Strange Meeting II – Nick Drake

So far away so long ago it seems The memory comes of a distant beach Pale sand stretching far from reach It was then I found my princess of

Time Has Told Me – Nick Drake

You’re a rare rare find A troubled cure For a troubled mind. And time has told me Not to ask for more Someday our ocean Will find its shore.

Day Is Done – Nick Drake

Down to earth then sinks the sun Along with everything that was lost and won When the day is done. When the day is done Hope so much your

Time Of No Reply – Nick Drake

And Autumn reached for her golden crown I looked behind as I heard a sigh But this was the time of no reply. The sun went down and the

Hazey Jane I – Nick Drake

Do you swear in the night Will it mean much to you If I treat you right. Do you like what you’re doing, Would you do it some more

Hazey Jane II – Nick Drake

so crowded that you can’t look out the window in the morning. And what will happen in the evening in the forest with the weasel with the teeth that

At The Chime Of A City Clock – Nick Drake

Get on your knees Pray for warmth and green paper. A city drought You’re down and out See your trousers don’t taper. Saddle up Kick your feet Ride the

Fruit Tree – Nick Drake

So very unsound. It can never flourish Till its stalk is in the ground. So men of fame Can never find a way Till time has flown Far from