Song Corners Of My Mind – Nikka Costa

Away from all this madness
I’ll give you a piece of me
If you’ll give me a moment
To let you into the corners of my mind

I looked into a stranger
And found my soul waiting there
It hit me like a siren
To see myself everywhere
And I saw that I knew him like the corners of my mind

And like every other soul
You feel the night come on hard and go slow
And life goes on and on and it goes
In the corners of my mind

So shed your skin for me
Let’s pull back the covers
There’s so much about ourselves
We’re yet to discover
So won’t you let me in to the corners of your mind

We pass on chance with our eyes to the ground
It only takes a minute to see what’s around
But instead we choose to reside in the corners of our minds

So I stand before you now
Faulty but not broken
Fragile like the break of day

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