Performer NINE DAYS

Back To Me – Nine Days

Put your trust back in me the least I think you should. We’ll call it my pathology so I misunderSTOOD! A bit selfish I should be if I could

If I Am – Nine Days

It looks like you might fall. So far down, Or maybe you were thinking about jumping. Now you could have it all, If you learned a little patience! For

Absolutely (Story Of A Girl) – Nine Days

Who cried a river and drowned the whole world! And while she looked so sad in photographs, I absolutely love her, When she smiles… How many days in a

Crazy – Nine Days

With the window open. But it’s not the same. When everything has changed. But while your still near, I’ll try anything. And I’ll say all the things that you

End Up Alone – Nine Days

Cartwheels to eternity. ‘Round and ‘Round my head she goes, In the good dreams though she wears no clothes… Took our picture by the sea, The ocean waits to

257 Weeks – Nine Days

And you could be so much more than you’ve become. And I have found my feet 257 weeks, But you could be waiting for a day that won’t come…

Wanna Be – Nine Days

I walk into this summer all alone the usual session. You feel your instinct then you act but was it your intention, To leave me down and broken now

Bitter – Nine Days

incompetent inconsiderate you’re so childish i will push you out of what is real out of my head you can stick and drown at your residence of dissapointments are

Revolve – Nine Days

I want to watch the rose on your cheeks bloom. I want to be the face in the moon, And watch the stars spin around your room. All your

So Far Away – Nine Days

Before the regret you hold in your heart will start to show… IF YOU LEAVE how will you know? If our ever after ever had a chance to grow!

Sometimes – Nine Days

Trailing behind footsteps. There’s comfort in ghosts who are no longer with you, Hiding behind your death. I let you down you’ve lost your taste, I’m losing ground I

Bob Dylan – Nine Days

He paints a little picture but not to be cheesy. He wants this little girl to believe in him easy, Bristles to the canvas imagining he feels high. Inspriation