Performer NO ANGELS

Takes A Woman To Know – No Angels

Guess you think that you’re smart Guess you think you can tie up my heart with a ribbon Then pull it apart You don’t wanna get down You don’t

New Beginning – No Angels

I’d have turned and walked away Can’t hold the tears back though I try Cause there’s nothing quite as sad as goodbye Don’t wanna think about tomorrow You won’t

Shield Against My Sorrow – No Angels

sometimes my life just runs so fast i wish myself back to the past but since you’re mine i feel so much stronger than i felt before oh yeah

Stay – No Angels

To keep you safe from the Dark Secretly, I’ve been with you Night and Day Can’t believe you are going away Where’s the Passion we had Tell me where

Feel Good Lies – No Angels

Check your alibi Everybody tells a little story Everybody tells a white lie Sometimes you gotta be careful You gotta check your reasons why I guess you do what

No Angel (It’s all in your mind) – No Angels

I’ll be anyhow you want to paint me I’ll give you fragile and I’ll show you demure Picture perfect there’s no mistaking I’m good as gold You know what

Daylight In Your Eyes – No Angels

Wanna push you baby But never to far Wanna show you heaven Wanna be like you Just as strong as you are I wanna be daylight in your eyes

Forever Yours – No Angels

That I got you in a heartbeat baby And you couldn’t be without me Even if we, didn’t go steady How I tried to keep a straight face When

You Lied – No Angels

That girl we passed today Her smile too intimate Before she turned away And I saw the face of confusion Broke through your mask of illusion And walked inside

2 Get Over U – No Angels

Different shade of blue Don’t see no storm-clouds Rollin’into view There’s something different In the air tonight There’s nothing missin’ And I feel alright What’s come over I’m getting

Venus – No Angels

Burning like a silver flame The summit of beauty and love And Venus was her name She’s got it Yeah, baby, she’s got it I’m your Venus, I’m your

Cry For You – No Angels

Life can be so cold since you’ve gone Haven’t seen you for so long I feel so wrong And here it is begging you come home Missing you wanting

Be My Man (The Plan) – No Angels

Won’t you tell me what’s your plan Just be strong enough if you can if you can Tell me watcha gonna do Don’t you want to be my man

Sister – No Angels

And he feels the pain of centuries Tug of war, not to solve, between his mind and heart unfortunately Shut his mouth, long ago He was too proud and

When The Angels Sing – No Angels

I want you by my side I don’t care how long I’ve been waiting for my baby And when the angels bring You back here in my life Then

Push Me To The Limit – No Angels

I can’t wait (ohohohoh, yeah) Push me to the limit (oh, just push me, push me, push me) Can’t you feel(ah) Time to time I’m just to blind to

Now That We Found Love – No Angels

The first thing I do Is when I see your smiling face I give the world a love embrace Feeling so glad I found you In each and every

Still In Love With You – No Angels

When U Were Mine Said To Myself To Keep You Near Never Let U Go But Trains And Boats And Aeroplanes Took Me Away From You Away From All

Like Ice In The Sunshine – No Angels

In the midday heat is all you need, an icecream in your hand. Just lay down in the summersun, the good vibrations will come. Chorus: Like ice in the

Come Back – No Angels

Thought you would and you were there for me When no one else was there to dry my tears. But I never took my time for you cause I