Don’t Go – No Authority

I’m not afraid to admit And I know I only gave loneliness Baby don’t Throw away what we made Cause I don’t know if I can take another heartache

One More Time – No Authority

It was a year ago early one summer day You wanted to see me before I left for a few days I thought that you would give me that

Can I Get Your Number(A Girl Like You) – No Authority

Hit me with the seven digits Can I get your number baby Hit me with the seven digits When you walked through that door I nearly lost my mind

Never Had A Lover – No Authority

When you walked by You caught my eye And my heart just dropped To the floor Day and night Spent my whole life Trying to find the one to

Make You Dance – No Authority

I know that you can’t fight it The way that you dance around in your seat girl So tell me what you like Tonight I’ll make it right I

Please Don’t Break My Heart – No Authority

Girl please, girl please, don’t break my heart Chorus: Please don’t break my heart ‘Cause I can’t see you without me, I need you girl Please don’t break my

Why – No Authority

Chorus: Someone tell me why, why, why Does it hurt everyday All I do is cry, cry, cry Why do I feel this way Just let me live my

Beautiful Girl – No Authority

Oh, oh, oh, oh Sitting by the phone Girl, I’m feeling so alone How I wish I knew your name When I saw your eyes Girl, a touch of

Thinking – No Authority

I’ve been thinkin’ bout you baby, are you thinkin’ of me too? I know you’re thinkin’ of me lady, deny it but you know it’s true I’ve been thinkin’

Here I Am – No Authority

Baby, hey I can’t change your mind But if I got to let you go that’s what I’ll do But I know it’s not right (Yeah) Give me some

Don’t Stop – No Authority

Michael Chambers, LaShawn Daniels, Aqil Davidson, Idris Davidson, Charlie Wilson, Menton Smith) Chorus: Don’t stop till you get enough If its right for you Do what you want to

I Like It – No Authority

I’ve been thinking ’bout you, for quite a while You’re on my mind every day and every night My every thought is you The things you do Seem so

If You Want Me – No Authority

Girl, sometimes I need some help See, I can’t do this thing all by myself We’re supposed to have a mutual love But I am the only one to

I’m Telling You This – No Authority

Baby, yeah Oh, oh Yeah, yeah There was a time When I was down And things just weren’t going my way Just getting by I didn’t have much to

Up And Down – No Authority

Chorus: Up and down, round and round it goes Sometimes we just lose control Up and down, round and round it goes That’s the way love goes Girl, sometimes

Keep On – No Authority

Chorus: Keep on, keep on girl, it’s on and poppin’ Keep on, keep on, ain’t no need for stoppin’ Keep on, keep on, just do it if you like

Can’t Go On – No Authority

Girl I know I was wrong Please come back to me Without you I just can’t go on You said you’re leavin’ me and I understand Although we’ve had

Don’t Get Better – No Authority

Why it is i feel for you Baby you’re first thing on my mind When no one else was down for me You were always ’round for me Helping

Never Let You Go – No Authority

Chorus: I’ll never let you go My feelings prove and show I’ll never let you down I’ll always be around You see, I’ll never ever leave you, lonely girl

She Drives Me Crazy – No Authority

Chorus: She drives me crazy, oh, oh she makes me Lose control when she comes my way I won’t forget her no, no, can’t let her, Capture me and