Cover Me – No Question

About the phone conversation that we had last night Thoughts of skinny dippin’ Said the way you’d put it on me would be wet and tight, yeah When are

If You Really Wanna Go – No Question

Ooh…yeah, yes Oh, oh, oh yeah Tell me why you’re trippin’ Wildin’ out acting a fool You don’t have to want for nothing Ў®Cuz I made sure that you’re

You Make Me Feel Brand New – No Question

to tell you how I feel my love mere words can not explain precious love you held my life within your hands created everything I am taught me how

Do What You’ve Gotta Do – No Question

It’s been 24 hours Since I heard you on the phone Pleading with your moms Saying can you come back home You say you’re not happy here All we

Come Back Home – No Question

because of this lie, you let somebody come along and tears us down so you’ve found yourself a brand new lover but you didn’t let me know I found

Thank You [Outro] – No Question

To thank God, our loved ones, our families We’d like to thank Kenny Gamble and Mr. Leon Huff We would also like to take this opportunity To thank our

Whose Is This – No Question

but there’s a little something in-between us come here let me show you how to go about it check it out Verse 1 your girlfriend told me what it

Private Dancer – No Question

I know you think that she’s your best friend True blue ’till the very end I gotta tell ya cuz I can’t pretend now Last night I was all

To Be Without You – No Question

That it was bad for you You’d try to find ways to make ’em happy And it took control of you To imagine that someone out there Don’t seem

This Weekend – No Question

We are Bonafide, whut? Look closely bought a unboard, no sho’ Yo, we got you wide open, I and our crew The weekend we roll out, the

I Don’t Care – No Question

What’s goin on Why ya peeps don’t like me Said I ain’t the one They said I live a thug life Jitterbug to the bone How they gon talk

How You Like It (Lights On/Lights Off) – No Question

(unh! tell me how you like it baby) with the lights on, or the lights off (tell me what you want) how you like your lovin’, in the light

New Love – No Question

Broke it in a million pieces, And left you lonely. Cry your eyes into a bloody red color, He was your first and only true lover. I’ve told you

Just Can’t Go On – No Question

We’ve been through so much and felt so much pain when I’m going through fire you’re loves like the rain that’s why I need you and love you so

Remember Us – No Question

another lover with lots of money let you drive his fancy car he never really takes the time out to tell you that he cares when you stressed and

You Can Get That – No Question

Uh, first lady Uh huh, No Question C’mon, c’mon We gon’ have a little Cristall poppin’ here You can see me in the top, be clear, not the Benz

He Say, She Say – No Question

What’s going on You’re questioning everything I do And everywhere I’ve been You’re peeping me off the hook Like I am some kind of crook Out to take your