Performer NOREAGA

I Love My Life – Noreaga

Can’t stop thinkin of the game, y’know what’m mean? Can’t get the game out my mind. Gotta get out the game tonight though, y’know what’m sayin? (Aw, word) It’s

Play That Shit (We Don’t Play That) – Noreaga

They call me the youngest headbuster walkin’ Thugged out in all black, calicole sparklin’ A guerilla till I die bless me when I’m dead But for the bread I

Fiesta – Noreaga

Uhh, uncontrollable hotness on this plate From state to state, it’s Noreaga the great I’m the Kid Capri, y’all DJ niggaz, play this shit twice Yo Nore,

Da Story – Noreaga

It was, four in the mornin got a call on the cell What the hell, you niggaz just shot at? Yo they missed her, blazed most fired pistols Now

First Day Home – Noreaga

I juss came home I aint got no loot I aint trin’ 2 sell drugs I aint tryin 2 shoot I’m tryin’ 2 be a good nigga even wearin

Cocaine Business (Hysteria) – Noreaga

Ay yo, we was chillin, on the low Yo in Vegas, this was at the Magic Show Had my PNB clothes and my West Coast hoes Get me at

Gangsta’s Watch – Noreaga

Yo I got coke for y’all niggaz, dope for y’all niggaz Hoes for y’all niggaz, shows for y’all niggaz My StarTec niggaz, Motorola outed Zone coaster, hold my dick

Da Hustla – Noreaga

niggas might as well fuck with me anyway I got that fire green ha (Haaaaa!) Verse 1:Noreaga The way I rhyme sometimes, is reflect my style When I speak

Oh No – Noreaga

Bounce wit me, bounce, bounce, bounce 2x Yeah Yeah 2x Oh Oh No No 2x WHAT WHAT WHAT 2x I bust to the scening cuss to the scening

The Way We Live – Noreaga

Y’know what I mean? This for the woman, y’know what’m sayin? Coming up, just trying to get a nut. Y’all really understand what we doing. Ya know? Y’all understand

Esta Loca (Mathematics) – Noreaga

Ay yo, my family, half black and half godbody Half blood and half leppa? So nigga weppa? It don’t matter whatever you is I sneeze in your food (achoo),

Going Legit – Noreaga

Cause there is a difference between me and the other rappers Other rappers talk about what their friends did And what their friends saw IM talking about what I

Flagrant Cops – Noreaga

Hey yo the same old G Yo thats my shit Switch cd’s threw on Nas shit Yo in the whip yo the windows clogged up Shorty givin me

40 Island – Noreaga

Rikers Island, Rikers Island (Iraq Island, Iraq Island) Rikers Island, Rikers Island (Iraq Island) Yo, Listen to me young thug this is some advice you do

The Change – Noreaga

My life is like a movie, aiyyo da bad guy lose good guy win, weak nigga pretend, to be live when he not really I smoke a foul phillie,

N. O. R. E. – Noreaga

it’s like a gun trilogy, gat strategy what, noreaga, lay out like your majesty aspect mine when y’all niggaz hear my par have y’all straight wildin when y’all see

Superthug – Noreaga

He said we have some kind of special assignment or something He’s supposed to be callin? me, like any minute now, any minute Hold on, hold on, lemme get

Sometimes – Noreaga

Yo I grew up like the regular thug, I think I told you that My only means of gettin money was to sell the crack I shot a nigga

Body In The Trunk – Noreaga

(Noreaga) Got out the mall yo This weeded cat rockin a fade In my face askin can he see the grenade I woulda? let him see it The way

Blood Money Pt.3 – Noreaga

Yo, New York get the blood money Drty cash, smoke hydro green Sill mix it wit hash To all the weed spots Niggaz know I’m known to cop All