Self Punishment – Nothingface

Find out what I’m thinking, what I’m feeling My confusing living blind mind, no acid pop dreams lampshade dress me Tripping on greed, my own delusions, table ready salt

Make Your Own Bones – Nothingface

You’ll see in ime that you’re not immortal I see right through you You cannot live inside yourself You cannot lie forever We see right through you It’s everything

Filthy – Nothingface

Do you trust me? Do you want this pain inside? Where’s your head? Are you thirsty? Do you know all the simple things that it Takes to change my

Goldtooth – Nothingface

with the face of a demon your bullshit can’t find it’s own way to light to mouth but still they say i should be alone left alone stuck alone

American Love – Nothingface

I’m here to wait for all the killing I think I’m just in time Geewhiz I’d love to die like that Everything, everyone Behind our face we love to

Can’t Wait For Violence – Nothingface

You say that you’d be satisfied But it’s all right The pills It’s all you have with all the pain To satisfy Alone I feel just as numb, don’t

For All The Sin – Nothingface

And I said that I am tired So go to sleep and close your eyes I’m sorry For all the sin For all deception You know it’s hard to

So Few – Nothingface

cry beside her pushed away once too often face that lie vision changes shade is ice the words are poison changes made now why can’t i fill the face

Villains – Nothingface

the point in feeding that so what can i say fucking saving grace but still i cannot see it why in this instance it’s the bullshit can’t you see

Everlasting Godstopper – Nothingface

But still I wait for dead Before this takes time from me We can all just see Beginning The first time that we’re inside You, you told me nothing

Grinning – Nothingface

and when i see you where’s your line i cannot hear all the truth through your crying it’s time that i check my face faggot, you know it the

Blue Skin – Nothingface

I got my glass high I got my thunder and it’s rolling straight up inside She’s got the real shit Gave me a facelift We got this spaceship and

Error In Excellence – Nothingface

see i’m just tired of you you make me sick sometimes it seems i can’t break you now that i’m sick it seems all right now that i’m gone

I, Diablo – Nothingface

but i cannot shave the scares off from you’re head if i take away the scars then you cannot hide away from what you are you can’t oh, i

Hidden Hands – Nothingface

A piece in games It sets in slow descend Just when I thought I saw everything You showed me something new You Thought that I would never understand But

Piss & Vinegar – Nothingface

Things seem to spin uncontrolled They’re all paper faces Some withered, not old, some legends uproot evil Some made of silver & gold But why is brimstone worthless When

Dead Like Me – Nothingface

Change what I am This way I feel it Like me now, like you now, like me now The faces change Hides in the shade I can’t fear the

Sleeper – Nothingface

there’s something dead in me love lies in moments still i cannot grasp one fragment i can tell you nothing answers don’t exist floors, walls my own asylum shades

Same Solution – Nothingface

I just want to tell you That you could fuck us Love me So I can relax So I can aim straight So I can do right for us

Lipsdick – Nothingface

Put on my lipstick said I’m gonna give this shit up I fear what I gots to fear, cause it’s nothing that I fear in something I am yellow