Performer NU FLAVOR

Sprung – Nu Flavor

But you’ve grown up andnow you got me feeling things Your body’s talkin’, and that’s now lie And I’ve been waiting for the subject to arise No use in

From This Day – Nu Flavor

From this day, I swear, my love will be good to you Into your eyes, I vow, that I will take care of you From now on, for life,

Promise – Nu Flavor

Through the joy and through the pain I promise to love you, ’til the end of time And I want you to promise, that you’ll always be mine :

Unconditionaly – Nu Flavor

Unconditionaly… Here alone up in my room Wishin I could be alone with you You were my lover and my friend Why did it have to end Is it

Whenever – Nu Flavor

The way I feel today I feel like a miracle Has finally come my way And I’ve wanted oh so long To find a girl like you And now

Baby Be There – Nu Flavor

Yeah, yeah I lay beside you in the warmth of the night I can feel you breathe, I can hear you sigh so softly Tell me now, baby, this

Call Me – Nu Flavor

Girl you know that’s crazy They just don’t know a damn thingg about me I hope that you’re not hesitatin’ ‘Cause you know I got a, reputation baby ‘Cause

It’s On – Nu Flavor

Girl you know that you got everything So baby let me break it down for you (Tell ya) just how bad I wanna get with you Lady, think I’m

Most Beautiful Girl – Nu Flavor

To see your pretty face each time you smile There is no distance for me, long as I can believe I’ll see you tonight Simply no distance for me,

Soul To Soul – Nu Flavor

Nu Flavor (oooooohh, ohhhhhh Soul to soul ooooohhhh) Soul to soul Piece of newspaper, at my feet We go blowing down the street Got our stories, old and new

Heaven – Nu Flavor

You turn me upside down I can’t stop thinking bout you My head is spinning round I got to find a way to get with you somehow Girl I’m

Love Fantasy – Nu Flavor

Now I need to know baby, if you feel the same way (tell me) It really drives me crazy, I need to know if maybe You and I could

Tell Me Why – Nu Flavor

Tell me, tell me, tell me why Why you tell me lies, even after all I do for you? And tell me, tell me tell me why I try

Come ‘Round My Way – Nu Flavor

You always seem so lonely and blue Wanna tell you that I’ve been lonely too Been watching you the longest time Been dreaming someday you will be mine He’ll

Sweet Sexy Thing – Nu Flavor

Sweet sexy thang Oh my Lord Chorus: Sweet sexy thang Bring your body to me Me I’m in the mood to make sweet love to you Waited so long

3 Little Words – Nu Flavor

I knew we two would always be together And there are, 3 little words that say it all I love you Never believed in love at first sight But

For The Sex Of It – Nu Flavor

Do do do do do do You say you want simplicity you don’t like loud complaints I got a spooky feeling You just want me for the sex The

Groove Tonight – Nu Flavor

It’s a super future funkalistic, come on baby let’s get with it It’s the future dance We can grooove all night tonight (just you and me) Just wanna hold