Performer OBIE TRICE

Never Forget Ya – Obie Trice

Yes I understand I done came a long way From huggin them corners to appearin on TV From choppin up nicks, like this here feeds me To makin ’em

Snitch – Obie Trice

{Convict} (Yeah, haha haha SHADY) {Convict Music} (Guess who’s back) Still here, haters {Akon & Obie Trice, Yeah} Whatcha gonna do it with

Out Of State – Obie Trice

Roll out, straight to the ATL Coming from the DET gotta bail Gotta get mail in adbundance Stat watch that yay on the oven Nigga this hustlin’ Had enough

Wanna Know – Obie Trice

Since they wanna know I said since they wanna know Here’s the formula on O, now lets go {All I want is what’s mine I don’t care who I

Spread Yo Shit – Obie Trice

Hah! This is DJ Seven Duece Fresh up out your momma’s mouth So when she spit’s you know how I “cum” You know what I mean,

Bad Bitch – Obie Trice

He got a bad bitch, said she recognize a “G” Said she want to roll and get to know Obie Claming that she

Ballad Of Obie Trice – Obie Trice

O, O, O, O, O I think this Obie Trice O, O, O, O I’d like to reintroduce myself, haha If you don’t

Synopsis – Obie Trice

The Conspiracy (yeah, yeah…) Green Lantern (what up, what up) Hey Green I’ma talk to ’em man That’s all on this one (Obie Trice y’all) (*echo*) [Verse 1 –

Average Man – Obie Trice

Hey yo I’m focused, it’s the locust O. Trice is holdin the soldiers, the prognosis Probably why I rose from zero to hope Cause I was wide eyed and

Look In My Eyes – Obie Trice

Every man determined his definition of realness What’s real to him Everybody’s got their own definition of gangsta man Okay, this is my definition of gangsta Surprise motherfuckers You

We All Die One Day – Obie Trice

Niggas Know what I’m about out here I don’t toot my own horn cause I don’t have to You can run your mouth I don’t care

Obie Story – Obie Trice

I’mma let you pick out whatever you want Ma, I can get any shoes I want? That’s right, today is your day Momma don’t have much, but

Outro – Obie Trice

Nah, we ain’t goin I love bein hated, it great it Let’s me know that I made it I wouldn’t have it no other

Wake Up – Obie Trice

Fuck it, I’ll just a lean warn-os them hoes I suppose O took on the street life Even though my mother told me I could be otherwise Wasn’t the

8 Miles – Obie Trice

Assassins Muggs Soul Assassins I’m stranded off School Craft Avenue, I gotta make it to 8 This bitch I’m with, she bein fake I get out her

Violent – Obie Trice

Oh shit Uh, uh, uh nigga. Yeah nigga, shit Obie Trice You can catch me in the hood, up

Lay Down – Obie Trice

Here we go Yeah, yeah You can get pooped it’s a possibility up in my vicinity Popping off with that hostile energy In a hospital where the

The Set Up – Obie Trice

Bitch I see you, cause you know I know you Yeah I know you. Last time I saw you You was

Kill Me A Mutha – Obie Trice

I told you – don’t fuck with me, stupid fuck, look at you now Yeah! Ha ha Have you noticed like, When niggas go to the club there’s

There They Go – Obie Trice

Yeah! Aye Em you ready? Herk, you got them thangs nigga? You know Detroit City There they go Those D-Town boys, carry the calico Whenever