Performer OBLIVEON

Love, Die, Resurrect – Obliveon

One has to hear what isn’t said One has to get what can’t be owned And then to live when all is dead Frustration is the guide of your

Devil In My Eyes – Obliveon

My vain ambitions burn in me Another dream’s buried alive Another heaven I’ll never see So now the devil’s in my soul And so my heart became a grave

Factory Of Delusions – Obliveon

Ride on the furrow of despair Obey the factory until you meet the end To runaway you should not dare Supremacy is the factory Bow and obey to the

Technocarnivore Mothermouth – Obliveon

In the matrix mind you will have to roam Tripping over selective memory Down a channel that runs alone Glass membranes give birth to atomic spines Be a part

Vectors – Obliveon

He bites again Closing the light Cain has reborn Greed in the eyes Man has to fight Greed, ambition, vengeance Vectors of avarice run through the years Where’s that

Glass Made Of Flesh – Obliveon

Out of the depths of your mind It’s all a vast overconscience Linked to the top of your spine Man’s a fragment of oneness In the cosmic mitosis Watch

Fiction Of Veracity – Obliveon

Kingdom of dissension Made of absurd situations An abstarct reality Freedom of illusions Innate from a veracious fiction Imprisoned by infinite horizon Deserted in a world without conception An

The Thinker’s Lair – Obliveon

Obnubilation tries to throw me into its vortex Psychic whirl of thoughts feeding the storm inside Threshold of madness, situation getting complex Pulling obstacles on my pathways to relief

From This Day Forward – Obliveon

From this day forward Now nothing is gonna be the same From this day forward Adrift among its existence It starts to rise Emphatic endeavour to be Intensified Distant

Frosted Avowals – Obliveon

Bring me the sun Cold, cold kingdom of ice Bring me the sun I made a kingdom in wich i am the king The king of ice and frozen

Coercive Currents – Obliveon

Counterprojections distorting the scenes Waves of coercion forbid you to climb Holding the presence of doubt in your dreams Those gleams of bliss you feel Then drive out of

Estranging Abduction – Obliveon

They reach you from far Sucked onto a hole Resisting is war The unwanted trip begins Off beam, bedevilled You’re struck by mystery The meaning of this remains out

Fatal Induction – Obliveon

And the void you denied You forced your ingress into realms Ready meant to decline Your credit bliss has been overcharged So the grief is the price Your false

Polarity – Obliveon

Of all the dreams that I embrace I have enough of all the waste There is a faith I must retrace I feel my burst of anger I face

Droidomized – Obliveon

Where someone was before Where life is a lie and humanity is no more No more than an illusion No more than an aspect Suffering from a pain that

Such A Quiet River – Obliveon

Always possess Cover the stress Never depress Kiss and repute Clean and pollute Share and dispute Deny the truth Don’t be concerned Life is a quiet river Don’t be

It Should Have Stayed Unreal – Obliveon

Of fearful events A matter of time ’till it’s reality The power to see What someday will be Visions of the future Through creativity What’s in his mind? The

Nemesis – Obliveon

Smashed into darkness Down, deppressed You could not care less Despite the strains Some hope remains Pain repressed Suffering in silence Grudge progressed Craving for vengeance Upheaval Driven by

Obscure Mindways – Obliveon

An entrance to intensity A passage to a strage immensity Admission to intricacy Intricacy Life brought you in its galleries And put you through all its mysteries The galleries