Performer OLD 97-S

Oppenheimer – Old 97’s

Beneath a quarter moon beneath a quarter moon Me and this girl I’ve been living above On a road called Oppenheimer Tar on the roof there were stars in

Bel Air – Old 97’s

Wearing sulphur perfume. (Don’t I smell nice?) You come sniffin’ around just like you own the joint, You know it’s rude to point. (Don’t make me tell you twice.)

Salome – Old 97’s

Salome, uncross your heart. I know what goes on inside, it’s over before it starts. Well I’ll stay all night, I’ll wait right here. The full moon might work

Doreen – Old 97’s

Minor variations found on Wreck Your Life.) When I first met Doreen She was barely seventeen. She was drinking whiskey sours in the bar. The way she tossed ’em

Up The Devil’s Pay – Old 97’s

I’d sing you real live love songs If I could get the feeling down I want to make you happy but the devil’s out my way So I’ll just

Melt Show – Old 97’s

I fell in love with you and that was three weeks ago. We fooled around, you let me have it for free. Yeah it worked out real nice I

Streets Of Where I’m From – Old 97’s

I keep getting in my car but I’m not going anywhere. And I’ve been had, well at least that’s how it looks – And it’s not funny like on

The New Kid – Old 97’s

The new kid, he’s got money The money I deserve He’s got the goods but he’s not good for his word I should be rolling in it I’ve been

St. Ignatius – Old 97’s

You walk by so gracefully, I just stand in awe. You’re a goddess. You’re the hottest oddity I’ve found. We can go swimmin’ in our skin and hope that

Borrowed Bride – Old 97’s

The lump in your throat the name on her necklace She’s certain she’ll never be caught You can buy her things now but she’ll never be bought The cat

Dressing Room Walls – Old 97’s

Found me a woman to warm up with when the water got cold But I heard that there ain’t no gold there There’s just line upon line of cocaine

Friends Forever – Old 97’s

Was not a stoner nor an inline skater Was not a player nor a player hater I was just a bookworm on a respirator Who’s to say that’s wrong

Bird In A Cage – Old 97’s

I’m writin’ you a letter right now The things that you do are rendering you Something I can’t live without Maybe maybe I’ve got a pulse now Maybe my

Weightless – Old 97’s

I reckon Heaven is a place Where time is nonexistent, yeah And the things that are important, yeah Don’t take any time at all An awful lot like like

Timebomb – Old 97’s

I hear it ticking but I don’t know why. I call the police, but they don’t like me. I hear ’em whispering when I walk by. I got a

Wish The Worst – Old 97’s

I finished up all of your beer, Now I’m startin’ on your gin. I went through your diary, flipped through your phone book – called all your friends. I

Murder (Or A Heart Attack) – Old 97’s

In the screen is barely big enough for you And not near enough for me to go And the whole damn complicated Situation could’ve been Avoided if I’d only

Desperate Times – Old 97’s

Last night I dreamt of you, Abbie Hoffman peddling your books, I gave five bucks to you, the other kids just gave you dirty looks. I said “;I’m sorry

Bloomington – Old 97’s

She was a thin girl but she had substance She said that most girls who come to Bloomington Only come here to find husbands And the existence of God

Hands Off – Old 97’s

I had a dream they took my hands off. Although you probably think that I’m soft boiled, I’m still in love with you. Girlfriend, don’t sit ’round waiting for