Hard To Tell – Old Crow Medicine Show

Better find a pretty woman before the sun goes down If you need a place to lay your head Find a pretty little woman in a pretty big bed

Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine Show

I’m thumbin’ my way into North Caroline Starin’ up the road And pray to God I see headlights I made it down the coast in seventeen hours Pickin’ me

God’s Got It – Old Crow Medicine Show

If you want it, God’s got it He’s got everything you need. (3 times) He got every, everything a poor man need Walkin’ around like a vagabond Troubles are

Raise A Ruckus – Old Crow Medicine Show

Chorus: Come along little children come along While the moon is shining bright Now get on board going down the river float We gonna raise a ruckus tonight Well

My Bones Gonna Rise Again – Old Crow Medicine Show

Well, I knowed it, knowed it Indeed I knowed it, sister I knowed it, knowed it My bones gonna rise again Me and my gal went down to the

That’ll Be A Better Day – Old Crow Medicine Show

my good gal left me on the other side thats all right cause i dont worry oh that’ll be a better day if ya dont like a my peaches

Hard to Love – Old Crow Medicine Show

Well, it’s hard to love and not be loved It’s hard to please your mind When you’ve broken the heart of many a poor boy But you’ll never break

Boll Weevil – Old Crow Medicine Show

come on down to my house make a home in my old straw hat lookin for a home yeah lookin for a home lookin for a home lookin for

Big Time in the Jungle – Old Crow Medicine Show

A young man ’bout 21, no different than you or I He’s catchin’ catfish, and gettin’ drunk But Uncle Sam called, he called him up Sent him out to

Cocaine Habit – Old Crow Medicine Show

It’s the worst old habit that I ever had Hey hey honey take a whiff on me Take a whiff on me Take a whiff on me All you

Goodbye Booze – Old Crow Medicine Show

She swelled my head So goodbye booze i’m goin to bed I had a good time, but we couldn’t agree So you see what booze has done for me

We’re All In This Together – Old Crow Medicine Show

Little bit tired, little bit worn through the years You sound nervous, you seem lonely I hardly recognize your voice on the telephone In between I remember Just before

Tear It Down – Old Crow Medicine Show

Cook them biscuits, cook ’em brown Done talkin’ I’ll tear it around If you catch another mule kickin’ in your stall Then tear it down Chorus: Oh, tear it

Lonesome Road Blues – Old Crow Medicine Show

Hung down my head I cry I wept I cried under the willow tree About the deep blue sea My mama my dead papa Can be found And my

Poor Man – Old Crow Medicine Show

Things are gonna get better in the by-and-by And there ain’t a thing for a poor man In this world Work through the winter, work through the spring Yeah

CC Rider – Old Crow Medicine Show

CC Rider, see what you gone done CC Rider, see what you gone done Well hey, hey, hey, hey Well, you made me love you, now your man done

Union Maid – Old Crow Medicine Show

Of goons and ginks and company finks and the deputy sheriffs who made the raid. She went to the union hall when a meeting it was called, And when

Trials & Troubles – Old Crow Medicine Show

In an accident her foot got caught in a hole I’m going to tell you the truth Die for a touch of that cold hand I’d be crying every

My Good Gal – Old Crow Medicine Show

Tossed me round Slandered my name all over town My good gal ain’t no good to me She makes true love more like misery I’m walkin’ hunched I get

Take ’em Away – Old Crow Medicine Show

Take ’em away, take ’em away, Lord Take away these chains from me My heart is broken ’cause my spirit’s not free Lord take away these chains from me