Performer OLEANDER

Goodbye – Oleander

Anything that you need Anything that you haven’t gotten yet That you want from me Everything that you are And everything that you thought you wanted Everything that you’re

Shrinking The Blob – Oleander

the deeper you get the more you sink into it faster you fall the more you crawl away from it we’re siamese at the knees she said and weЎЇre

Champion – Oleander

For everything you are For everything you were For always taking care For always making sure For never giving up For never giving in You are the champion Thanks

She’s Up, She’s Down – Oleander

When there’s someone there to break it It’s easy to abuse When there’s someone there to take it It’s easier to smile When you know that you can fake

I Walk Alone – Oleander

i canЎЇt take this anymore and iЎЇm almost pretty sure iЎЇve been here before i canЎЇt take this any longer i wonЎЇt heal until iЎЇm stronger strong enough to

Stupid – Oleander

so sad to hear that you donЎЇt want to hang around with me so lame to see you leave and to know that you believe that itЎЇs over cause

How Could I? – Oleander

memories and silence fills each room overwhelming heavy as the tidal waves consume buried underneath the dust & gloom relics are reminders of my family of two pictures of

Lost Cause – Oleander

even if we say we do, it donЎЇt mean that we will it donЎЇt mean that weЎЇre going to even if we say weЎЇll try it donЎЇt mean that

You’ll Find Out – Oleander

even if you turn away sweep it all aside under the rug nothing ventured nothing gained but your problems still remain if youre living in denial afraid to face

Halo – Oleander

That to the surface brings The comfort in the pain The fear behind the smile We lose along the way The things we leave behind Along the precipice Of

Where Were You Then? – Oleander

sooner or later you and me will be lost dumb blind and free sooner or later you and i wonЎЇt have anywhere to hide sooner or later everyone catches

Tightrope – Oleander

If you’re lost in a crowd Can’t hear advice If you’re screaming out loud For someone please listen to me can’t figure out What you don’t understand Can’t realize

Boys Don’t Cry – Oleander

i would say iЎЇm sorry if i thought that it would change your mind but i know that this time i have said too much been too unkind i

Jimmy Shaker Day – Oleander

Come on Everyone Grab a gun Run Oh yeah But try not to be yellow Surrender to me Say you will Say that you will Yeah but try not

Down When I’m Loaded – Oleander

all the things that you do. who is to blame for the way that you feel, the way that your living and the way that you deal. who is

Never Again – Oleander

some of us never see the light until itЎЇs out of sight give up without a fight some of use fall and never get up swear that itЎЇs not

Back Home Years Ago – Oleander

We played with our lives before they were spent We were young and unafraid So alive together We gave ourselves to giving in And separated from within Our only

Come To Say – Oleander

But glad to be away and free From all the pain you’ve known Inside you feel you’ve grown If you take your time With every leap of faith you’ll

Benign – Oleander

To state just for the record That you’ve done your best to do nothing at all And that you stood around And watched from every corner As everyone around

Why I’m Here – Oleander

itЎЇs the reason for my pain in a season to celebrate i donЎЇt wanna be full of hate for anybody, but itЎЇs too late everyone has been in my