Performer ONE VOICE

So Badd – One Voice

I was lookin’ in my rearview reflection U were at the spotlight headin’ the other direction And from that very day you’ve had my undivided attention – oh As

I Don’t Wanna Dance Alone – One Voice

Foolish girl her happiness she could not see Always thought she’d be the one with endless chances So she betrayed your trust and took your love for granted She

True Love – One Voice

Don’t ever wanna feel the pain again Don’t wanna see another love turn into a lie Don’t wanna see another tear fall from my eye I know my heart

My Angel – One Voice

As I sit and think about yesterday I feel the pain inside (Oh yeah) All the troubles that burden my mind They can’t be pushed aside So I’m counting

Make Believe – One Voice

I know it’s hard to believe it What were you thinking Everything you thought was gone for wrong reasons Wasn’t strong enough to resist temptation Shouldn’t play round with

All That To Me – One Voice

In seconds i know you are the one I’d be with night and day Only one moment To know you’ll be all that matters to me It only took

Here I Go Falling In Love Again – One Voice

Said i’d never ever fall in love cuz it hurt me once before would it hurt me ne more since then time has changed it’s different now.. hypnotized by

Get Your Hands Off Me – One Voice

365 you call me all the time I’m picking up my line, U say I’m looking fine Talking bout how you miss and love me How you and me

Lovin – One Voice

ish easy cuz u’re beautiful and makin luv wit u ish all i wanna do lovin u ish more than juss a dream come tru and eberything that i

Come With Me – One Voice

I got a call, a telephone call today Somebody’s offing a job a thousand miles away I wanna take it, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime But I need

U Brighten Up My Life – One Voice

Hopin’ for the sun one rainy day Wishin’ that the rain would go away So many tears pouring down on me You wrapped your arms around me You engaged

Swing Your Love 2 Me – One Voice

Hey baby boy, ya get down with a girl That don’t appreciate you What you waiting for There’s someone standing here That’ll treat you like a real man She

Do We Stand A Chance – One Voice

I knew you were the one That I’ve been waiting for so long… So many times I searched for love so true And now I find you, I pray

Mad About You – One Voice

my dreams came true the minute i laid my eyes on u u excite me in every way, your aura is bombay and you’ve got me mad, i’m proud

Crying Game – One Voice

I think that I have played this game before It’s been a little while So I’m not that sure Maybe they changed the box a bit Put a few

When U Think About Me – One Voice

I know you want me I’ve got your mind paralyzed Is it infactuation that keeps you awake at night *Chorus* When you think about me, Do you think about

Always On My Mind – One Voice

they say that i’m strange they tell me ever since i met you i’ve changed i must admit it’s true and i’d go outta my way to do anything

Before You Go Tomorrow – One Voice

i never thought our love could end up this way and i cant imagine livin life without you now how could this happen that youre lovin me down never

Thru It All – One Voice

I used to lie awake at night afraid of facing my fear But I found my strength, the very day that I found you My guiding light, just like

Never Leave Your Side – One Voice

Because she broke your heart Don’t think that it’s the end you just gotta try and start Over with someone Someone who’s gonna care Care about the way you