A Point In Time – Onesidezero

moving forward by stumbling breathing in all that we see holding all that we could be hold your breath (I feel so alive) save yourself (I feel so alive)

Tapwater – Onesidezero

everything will come to you if you still believe all the things you tried to do when something facing in your life, well I just can’t give in I’ve

Shed The Skin – Onesidezero

circle the tired, survive sharing the light we have lost you might believe that it was so wrong forcing us down into another belief to carry us home forcing

Awake – Onesidezero

I lay here deep in silent night my head consumes the light too much thought, my life’s evolving I wish that I could buy another world that’s so grown

New World Order – Onesidezero

all that you could ever but you will not, you will not come down offer me solutions, but I am sober now all that you could ever but you

Never Ending – Onesidezero

it seems like a throw away and everything’s a sad reminder of the way we could be together it feels like a lonely day never ending, a never-ending day