Performer OPETH

Deliverance – Opeth

crept up the caverns of my brain receving no warning from nothing to a life code walk with me, you’ll never leave wait to see your spirit free tell

Derelict Herds – Opeth

While I was asleep in my house A child was killed, I heard it from a friend A war raged in a distant land Cost me to linger on

Black Rose Immortal – Opeth

I call your name A lamentation I sigh Again and again Spiritual eclipse The gateways are closed for me to seek The night… A veil of stars, watching My

Wreath – Opeth

This nightmare always the same Still never enough Halting at the brink of discovery Moving into the darkness Leaking inside to cover up Dragging me down and under Entangled

When – Opeth

The portrait of the jaded dawn Who had seen it all before. This day wept on my shoulders. Still the same as yesterday. This path seems endless, body is

Advent – Opeth

A parlour strode, and the night sets forever I stray in the quiet cold And you gird me when I dare to listen Elastic meadow, endless arms of sorrow

Serenity Painted Death – Opeth

Voices fell like marble No longer by my side Gone all that would linger Ripped from my embrace Melinda reflected in shafts Red line round her neck Met the

Hessian Peel – Opeth

When their mother dies And in the autumn of their lives Will they feel the same? The longing for me Comin’ down like hail Why did

Coil – Opeth

She told me why She told me lies Always take care of this I told her how I’ve always stayed Always waiting For nothing When I get out

Godhead’s Lament – Opeth

Staining the soil, midst of stillness Beloved fraternity to an end Red eyes probe the scene All the same Stilted for the beholder Depravity from the core Handcarved death

The Leper Affinity – Opeth

Naked, freezing from my breath Neath the lid all limbs tucked away This coffin is your abode from now and onwards Your body is mine to avail Such a

Demon Of The Fall – Opeth

Everything is lost. Torn by the arrival of Autumn. The blink of an eye, you know it’s me. You keep the dagger close at hand. And you saw nothing.

The Drapery Falls – Opeth

And thrust me back to the day The silence of your seclusion Brings night into all you say Pull me down again And guide me into pain I’m counting

By The Pain I See In Others – Opeth

Let me feel I need to know what you keep inside No need to speak Just let it be Carry out this wish for me let nothing interfere Rise

Moonlapse Vertigo – Opeth

Lost sight of everything tonight My presence blackens their pattern A pock in the healthy and calm Their scorn behind your back My promise would put them down No

The Moor – Opeth

Fifteen alike since I was here Bathed in deep fog, blurring my trail Snuffing the first morning rays Weary from what might have been ages Still calm with my

Beneath The Mire – Opeth

Can’t sleep to the scraping of his voice Nature’s way struck grief in me And I became a ghost in sickness Willingly guided into heresy Beneath the surface, stark

Harvest – Opeth

Rise above the vile Name my final rest Poured into my chest Into the orchard I walk peering way past the gate Wilted scenes for us who couldn’t wait

Ghost Of Perdition – Opeth

Lingering death Ghost on Mother’s bed Black strands on the pillow Contour of her health Twisted face upon the head Ghost of perdition Stuck in her chest A warning

The Funeral Portrait – Opeth

Morning’s breath on the sill Idle hands given another try So you wait and you savour the moment Outside the canvas turned white Ruby eyes in the fog Rain